Batista Needs to Turn Heel

By Damian Seeto
Batista In The Spotlight Again
Image from Batista – WWE Universe Facebook

With the amount of negative reception Batista has been receiving, it’s probably a good idea to turn him into a heel.

Batista came back to a fine reception when he returned to Raw after a four-year absence. At the Royal Rumble, however, fans turned on him when they realized he was hogging the spotlight from the younger stars. People really wanted Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble. Instead, Batista won again in the same fashion he did back in 2005.

The WWE has pushed the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista for far too long. Cena already won the Royal Rumble last year and now another past star is getting the spotlight yet again. Brock Lesnar gets a free pass mainly because he only appears every few months and wrestles in his own top feuds. Not to mention he’s a bigger name than Batista ever was.

It is also possible for Batista to turn heel because he’s not as popular as The Rock. Sure, Batista has Guardians of the Galaxy coming out this August, but that movie will do well regardless of if Batista’s popular or not. Rock’s reputation is more important because he’s usually the main star in his movies. Batista is part of an ensemble in the film.

It’s also worth mentioning that fans will boo both Batista and Orton if that were to be the main event of WrestleMania XXX. The fans already booed both Orton and Cena during their match at the Royal Rumble.

A solution to this problem is to add Bryan to the match and make it a triple threat. Batista, at this rate, cannot cut it as a babyface.

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