Brock Lesnar On WWE Raw Equals Ratings

Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Brock Lesnar, who is a farm boy from South Dakota, did well for himself inside the squared circle. Anytime the “The Beast (Incarnate)” is on WWE television it equals money as seen on Monday night’s telecast of WWE Raw. They hyped him having a match with either Batista or Randy Orton. Obviously that did not happen, but the chance of seeing Brock Lesnar on free TV might have an impact on the ratings come Tuesday afternoon.

Whether it’s on pay-per-view or on TV, he brings in extra eyes that usually do not watch WWE.

Now with speculation that Brock Lesnar could be the WWE world Heavyweight champion in the near future, it could do wonders for WWE. It also will bring some serious negative feedback from the internet community. Heck if anyone other than Daniel Bryan is WWE world Heavyweight champion then they will be negative about it.

Paul Heyman does such a great job at hyping Brock Lesnar to being the “The Psycho Viking,” “War Machine” and most commonly used “The Beast (Incarnate)” that will take on anyone at any time for the right amount of money. That is what makes Brock Lesnar the man has become. Take away his part-time status, and Brock Lesnar being around on WWE television is a good thing for everyone. Embrace Brock Lesnar instead of hating on the star. He will only help the product.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter.

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  • William Bontrager

    nope, he isn’t a wrestler, and he’ll be gone in a few months.

  • Jonoridge

    Why are you assuming that it is only the internet community that want Bryan to be champion?
    The ‘internet’ community aren’t the ones attending the arenas and chanting for him loudest every week.
    Just say it like it is and say the majority of the fans want to see Daniel Bryan get his deserved opportunity to prove he can draw and be a top player.