CM Punk Leaving Millions Of Fans Disappointed By Walking Out On WWE

By Brian Anderson
Via CM Punk Official Facebook Page

Significant news is circulating online suggesting that WWE Superstar CM Punk has walked away from the company in frustration with his role and the company’s direction heading into Wrestlemania 30. Nothing has been confirmed, but all the signs point to this story being 100 percent accurate.

Punk has been removed from all of the WWE’s upcoming events, and Monday Night Raw had to be rewritten as after Punk told Vince McMahon that he was going home. Punk did not make an appearance on Raw, so it is obvious that he did indeed walk out on the company, his fans and friends.

As a huge Punk fan, I can only hope that all of this madness will blow over, but that may be a long shot because I doubt that either side will budge as we are in the middle of Wrestlemania season.

The WWE already has their main plans set in stone, and Punk was obviously not happy where things were headed. Punk has been involved in a horrible feud with Kane, while unloyal WWE Superstars Brock Lesnar and Batista are being shoved into the spotlight at Punk’s expense.

I can understand Punk’s frustrations, but it is still a business at the end of the day. Daniel Bryan has been overlooked more so than Punk over the past two years, and he has been 100 percent professional about the entire situation. Judging from what Punk had to go through to get where he was in the company, you would imagine that he would be a little more grateful of his position.

He comes from a broken home and a shady background; most people from such humble beginnings never lose sight of where they come from, but Punk has just threw it all away over his uncontrollable emotions. Ever since he made it big in the WWE, he has just wanted more and more. Wrestling is a business where no one can remain at the top for too long, so when you begin to slide, you have to remain positive and patient until your time comes back around.

Punk has constantly bashed the company and their leaders. He was lucky enough not to be fired. Vince, Triple H and even Stephanie McMahon proved to have more guts than Punk led everyone on to believe he had.

I guess it is now safe to say that he had us all fooled this entire time. I thought Punk was a man of business and opportunity. Instead, he turned out to be a spoiled brat who truly never cared about fans like myself who only watched the product because he kept us hopeful that a change would eventually come.

Now, my future as a WWE fan is in jeopardy because the one guy I believed in the most has given up on himself and every single one of his followers. Punk could not be acting more selfishly in this situation.

Let us all just hope that the Second City Saint will find some faith deep within himself instead of turning his back and running away. No one constantly gets what they want in this world. The WWE is a tough business, and as much as I enjoy Punk, it wouldn’t be right for him to hog the spotlight every year.

He held the title longer than most men will ever even dream of. None of that ever really set in with Punk, I guess. His actions are immature, surprising and most of all — wrong. Punk is far too emotional for the cutthroat business of sports entertainment. I guess it is best if he stays away if he can’t man up and fight through the tough time like everyone else does.

Sorry Punk, you lost loads of respect and even more fans, but I guess none of that ever mattered. Everyone who ever called you selfish, ignorant and childish has been proven right with by your ridiculous actions. Good luck with your future endeavours CM Punk. It was extremely awesome while it lasted, and fans worldwide will always remain grateful for the hard work you put in.

Even if you don’t appreciate us fans; we appreciate you and hope you can find it within yourself to return soon.

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