CM Punk Reportedly Walks Out On WWE

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk Leaves WWE
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

It’s being reported that CM Punk has apparently left the WWE even though his current contract doesn’t expire until July. Details are scarce at the moment, but Punk told Vince McMahon he was “going home” after the script for Raw was changed. As seen on Raw, Punk was absent from the show and his mini-feud with Kane at the Royal Rumble was never even mentioned.

Punk was in the Royal Rumble for around 50 minutes and has been WWE’s most valuable wrestler since 2011. It could be a combination of things that has led to Punk walking out of the company as he had wanted to leave since 2011 when his other contract had expired.

Punk did tweet “the view never changes”, which could be a point of interest. He could be referring to Batista being another guy coming back and hogging the spotlight. Punk has been vocal about the Rock doing the same thing when he wrestled in 2012 and 2013.

Punk was initially mad at the WWE back in 2011 when they failed to see how great of a wrestler he is. Back then, they stupidly pushed the Miz, Jack Swagger and Sheamus over him. Punk wanted fresh new faces and also wanted some “change”.

The fact that Batista is again in the main events along with John Cena and Randy Orton tells me that nothing has changed. I don’t know for sure, but Punk could be as frustrated as fans are with the WWE not pushing any new stars in the limelight. If Punk doesn’t come back in time for WrestleMania XXX, it’s possible that Daniel Bryan will face Triple H at the big show. Hopefully Punk works out an agreement here because the WWE would be super boring without him.

If Punk has indeed left, he’d be doing the same thing that Stone Cold Steve Austin did back in 2002. Austin left due to a combination of frustration and fatigue. Punk might be feeling the same thing as he has been wrestling non-stop for many years without a decent break.

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