Is CM Punk Done With WWE?

By Ryan Gaydos
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On Wednesday, WWE superstar CM Punk officially walked out on the company after reports indicating that he did not like the way he was going to be used for Wrestlemania XXX. Punk was in Sunday’s Royal Rumble match and eliminated his rival Corporate Kane. It was not until the very last participants of the Rumble remained when Kane returned and sent Punk over the ropes, eliminating him. Kane then chokeslammed Punk through the Spanish announcers’ table.

Punk and Kane were absent from Monday Night RAW, and it seems as though the storyline between the two are over. Punk has no official plans to return to the WWE on TV or any live events. The WWE has even unfollowed Punk on Twitter, continuing to cause a stir.

As reported, Punk was angry that Batista won the Royal Rumble match, and felt as though Batista was not in wrestling shape to compete in such a main event spot.

However, Punk’s walkout bodes horribly for the WWE. Like it or not, Punk is one of the main players in the company and the fans have really rallied around him every since his “pipebomb” shoot with the organization a few years ago. It seems that Punk is representing the voice of the fans who were extremely unhappy with the way the Royal Rumble turned out and that the most popular star in the company, Daniel Bryan, is not going to be featured in the main event.

There maybe more than just storyline issues with Punk. Being on the road all year long takes a toll on the body, and maybe a few months off would do him well. Punk will definitely be back on WWE programming in the future.

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