TNA Impact Has Turned Into The Dixie Carter Show

By andyravens
Image Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook Page

Let’s be honest, Impact Wrestling is no longer running TNA Impact on Thursday nights on Spike TV. They are running the Dixie Carter Show. Most segments involve her, and she usually opens and closes the show. There have even been rumblings of TNA going out and pitching her own show to Spike TV.

Why should she if she already has one? This is a problem for the long-term future of TNA.

Today’s TNA is a sad company that looks like they are on life support. At any time, I am expecting the announcement of them closing down. Besides their money problems, Dixie Carter feeling that she should be front and center on Impact is just plain annoying, I understand her being an on-air character, but does she really have to be in almost every segment on the show?

If a wrestler has a problem, they go to Dixie. If someone is attacked, it’s because of Carter ordering it. Magnus is TNA’s world champion, and Carter is the biggest heel in the company. She gets all the heat from the fans instead of Magnus. She tries too hard while doing promos.

I understand that she is playing a character, but it feels like she is forcing it. When she does a promo, it comes across like she is playing a part instead of it being based on her true self. Do you think she is entertaining or just annoying?

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter.

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