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5 Necessary Changes Needed To Fix WWE Programming

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Necessary Changes Needed To Fix WWE Programming

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Fan favorite CM Punk walked out on the WWE during Monday Night Raw after reaching his boiling point with the company and the direction they are headed in. This move came as a huge surprise to everyone, especially since we are so close to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. Rumors are coming from every angle and fans are not sure what to believe. One thing everyone does know is that this situation is not what is best for business.

It may be an understatement to say that the programming has been boring in prior months. The fans are feeling more disrespected than ever after the WWE has continuously ignored their demand for Daniel Bryan's rise as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It may sound odd for fans to expect things to go their way, but bad booking has ultimately led to this point. If the WWE were fair and actually listened to the WWE Universe, then they would have done whatever was necessary to keep the customers happy.

The company and its fans are in a very awkward position. The WWE will continue to thrive, but only at the expense of the unhappy fans all over the world. Fans are rejecting the company's force-fed storylines, voicing their displeasure at live events and through social networking. Eventually, you figure something or someone has to give, but a compromise between the two sides is what would be best for both fan and business. With that being said, here is a list of five things the company can do to please the fans.

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5. Go Old School

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There is a saying, "if it is not broken, then don’t fix it." The WWE clearly never heard it before, because the company has scrapped a lot of its best segments, shows and gimmicks from the past. King of the Ring should return with the importance of the event restored. The WWE should also bring back managers who play a bigger role in their client's career. The roles of female wrestlers need to be expanded as well. They should been involved as friends, girlfriends, wives, mistresses and more.

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4. Raise Value of Championship Belts and Wrestlers

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Somewhere along the line, the credibility of the superstars and the titles they strive for was lost. There is not enough top talent to add weight behind the prestige of the championship titles. A quick fix would be to put the title back around the waists of top talent and return to the system that used to be in place. The system where the Intercontinental Champion was next in line to be the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and so on.

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3. Attitude Adjustment

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We are far removed from the Attitude Era, but the company needs to get back into making an emotional connection with the fans, instead of force-feeding everyone sorry dialog backed by limited truth. The PG rating has determined the outcome of the storylines and the actions of the wrestlers, which should have never been the case. The WWE needs to find a way to let their superstars play their characters, but still voice their opinions with some true emotions related to their situations.

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2. Raise Awareness Within Company

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The most troubling thing to fans today, is the overshadowing of their favorite superstars. Daniel Bryan is the most popular superstar on the roster and the biggest underdog at the same time. The backlash from the constant screw-ups with booking has changed the perception on the entire company, and not only from the fan's perspective, but from the people on the inside as well.

The big shots in corporate need to be more aware of what their fans want. They have drowned out the voices of the people for so long that they left themselves with no other option, but to hope the right decision is made for superstars, rather than knowing who deserves the spotlight according to popular demand. CM Punk's departure was fueled by the company's lack of awareness and unwillingness to fix the situation. We can only hope that Punk's actions spark the mind that changes the direction of the company for the better, giving fans worldwide a reason to be proud to call themselves fans of the WWE.

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1. Expand Programming to Better the Fan Experience

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The WWE has done a great job with the expansion of their brand throughout the world of technology. Still, there is too much of a distance between the fans and the company. It is only once a year where fans are given the chance to have memorable exchanges with their favorite superstars, and that is at WWE Fan Axxess. The WWE could extend their hand a bit more and give the fans a chance to take part in Monday Night Raw, the WWE Network and

By that, I do not mean deciding who fights whom by voting on a rigged ballot. The WWE should try its hand in radio and personal podcast for superstars to have fans on other wrestlers and celebrities. There, they could have a voice outside of the ring and please their fans at the same time. The company could scrap Superstars and Main Event, possibly replacing them with an exclusive WWE talk show, radio show, live podcast or some other unique form of entertainment other than meaningless matches between mid-card talents.