TNA Star Gunner's Character Makes No Sense

By andyravens
Image Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook Page

Former TNA impact tag team champion Gunner apparently has no sense with briefcases. The reason for this statement is on last night’s Impact! he was challenged by Bad Influence for a tag team match against he and James Storm that made no sense.

If Bad Influence won they got his guaranteed No. 1 contender contract that Gunner won a couple weeks back in a feast or fired contest. Now if you worked hard to get something that you’ve been wanting your entire life and actually got it, why would you risk losing it?

Now I understand that it is pro wrestling and they are supposed to be tough guys, but him accepting this did not make him tough; it actually made him look dumb. Gunner is supposed to be a tough guy who will take on anyone, and they still could have done that match without the stipulation that they threw in there at the last minute. Book the match and have Gunner along with storm go over on Bad Influence. It’s that simple and there would not be any damage to anybody’s characters.

James Storm and Gunner did a promo prior to the match. They talked about Gunner’s history in the Marine corps (thank you for your service) that makes him look like a baddie, but then creative took him way out of character and booked him in a match where he had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Is it just me or did it make him look weak?

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