TNA's "The Investor" Storyline Has No Logic

By andyravens
Image Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook Page

For the past week or so, TNA has been building towards finding out who is “The Investor” for TNA. If you think about it, why would a private company allow someone to buy into the company and Dixie Carter has no idea who it is?  You are the owner; how can you not know who this person is? You would have to agree on terms for this person to come into the company.

Taking out the logic of the story, TNA did do a good job of building the show around this major revealing. This anticipation was exciting and TNA did a good job of waiting until the last minute. They even went two minutes over (which they never do) just to get their point across.

MVP was revealed as the investor and most people will vent that he is another WWE guy — which he is. He is also an international name in his work over in Japan, Mexico and of course the United States of America. I have no clue if he will be an on air character and also a wrestler which I would guess he would be. MVP is only forty years of age, so it is very likely he will be an active wrestler on the Impact Wrestling roster.

MVP has good microphone skills and is rumored to go back to WWE. I think he will be used better in TNA, and it looks like he will be the main focus of TNA’s storylines for the foreseeable future.

Let me know in the comment area below: Do you think this is a good fit or a bad fit for both TNA and MVP?

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