WWE Needs Some Old Blood

By Jeremy Pari
Stone Cold
Image Courtesy of WWE Official Facebook Page

WWE is floundering with its stale story lines and poor use of young talent.

As much as I like CM Punk, I didn’t feel that he had the charisma to be a top guy for WWE. Randy Orton is stiff as a speaker and just isn’t taking off as the World Champion. Yes, Daniel Bryan has the charisma and the fan backing, but he doesn’t look like a champion. Vince McMahon has always loved the big, strong, muscular wrestlers and that’s what he promotes. Bryan didn’t get the title belt because, well face it, he is a flying goat. John Cena is a great face for WWE — charismatic, a good in-ring performer, most fans love him (although some do hate him) — but he’s a boring speaker. Brock Lesner is just a big, dumb bully that can’t speak and should not be in the title hunt. I believe bringing Batista back is a good thing — he has a great physique, he can speak, he has the charisma to ignite the crowd, and the fans like him. The next big character to make it will be Roman Reigns. Again, he is another big bodied, muscular framed, Vince McMahon type of character. However, he doesn’t seem to be a good speaker.

Guys like Reigns, Big E Langston and Ryback could be headlining all of the WWE shows and taking off with it, but they are not being coached properly; they are not learning from the best. This is where the WWE should be spending the money. Pay the money to bring back Hulk Hogan — who was a better performer than him? Bring back the Rock again, he can even still wrestle. Bring back Stone Cold Steve Austin as a general manager so he has a speaking role; the fans loved him. HHH was, and still is, a great speaker. Having a character like Stone Cold as GM and HHH as CEO would just be classic TV.

My point is, bring back these older characters, not to wrestle, but to help the young guys grow and learn what it takes to be the best. And while they are here, it will make for great prime time TV.

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