WWE Should Suspend Daniel Bryan If His Fans Continue To Cause Controversy

By Brian Anderson
Via WWE Official Facebook Page

There was a time in the WWE where the fans were okay with just being fans. The fans today oddly seem to want control. This has put the WWE in tough situations over the past year. There is nothing wrong with fans wanting their favorite superstar to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but it becomes a problem when fans expect and demand their favorite superstars to be crowned as champion. Daniel Bryan has become the spokesperson for everything wrong with the fans’ perception of the company.

Bryan has only been in the WWE since 2009, and he has won the World Heavyweight Championship once and the WWE Championship on two separate occasions. Most young stars would kill for opportunities like those, but for Bryan and his fans, it is never enough. I understand that Bryan is very popular, but he is not the only wrestler who deserves the title. Fans have overlooked every other superstar, just to put all of the attention on Bryan. When the company does not budge, then fans get even more upset and disrespectful during live events and through social media. They are handling the situation improperly, and it is leading us all towards a dark future in the WWE.

The more and more the fans interrupt Triple H and Stephanie McMahon during their segments, the more reason they will have to slight Bryan even more. The more the fans boo the faces of the company, the more they will ignore the fans. This game of cat and mouse will go on and on, and there is no possible way for the fans to win. Bryan will eventually get his chance, but he does not deserve it anymore than Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Big Show, Batista and the countless amounts of superstars who feel as though they have been overlooked.

Just because Bryan has the popularity does not make him the man. It is unfair for everyone to expect a billion dollar company to let the fans control how their television program airs. The WWE is scripted and they have a plan to stick to that will ensure their product lasts. When Bryan gets his turn, it will eventually end, and the fans will just hop onto the next guy who has been overlooked. It did not used to be this way, and the fans need to revert to their old ways. There is just no respect and faith in the WWE anymore and it is not the company’s fault.

Social media and technology has made the fans feel like their opinions and thoughts should affect what goes on in the WWE, but it really should not. The WWE pays their wrestlers and their writers to do what they say.

Fans today are even ruining the concept of heels and faces. Batista returned as a face, but the fans refuse to cheer him on in spite of what is going on with Bryan. It has become very confusing, and I wish everyone would just be patient before fans lose sight of their roles.

If it gets to the point where the fans are yelling “yes” for the entire show — to purposely drown out the other superstars — then I think the WWE should suspend Bryan to silence them. Unless if he gets his fans to show more respect for the company that pays him. That way the company can finally prove who is ultimately in charge.

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