WWE Should Suspend Daniel Bryan If His Fans Continue To Cause Controversy

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There was a time in the WWE where the fans were okay with just being fans. The fans today oddly seem to want control. This has put the WWE in tough situations over the past year. There is nothing wrong with fans wanting their favorite superstar to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but it becomes a problem when fans expect and demand their favorite superstars to be crowned as champion. Daniel Bryan has become the spokesperson for everything wrong with the fans’ perception of the company.

Bryan has only been in the WWE since 2009, and he has won the World Heavyweight Championship once and the WWE Championship on two separate occasions. Most young stars would kill for opportunities like those, but for Bryan and his fans, it is never enough. I understand that Bryan is very popular, but he is not the only wrestler who deserves the title. Fans have overlooked every other superstar, just to put all of the attention on Bryan. When the company does not budge, then fans get even more upset and disrespectful during live events and through social media. They are handling the situation improperly, and it is leading us all towards a dark future in the WWE.

The more and more the fans interrupt Triple H and Stephanie McMahon during their segments, the more reason they will have to slight Bryan even more. The more the fans boo the faces of the company, the more they will ignore the fans. This game of cat and mouse will go on and on, and there is no possible way for the fans to win. Bryan will eventually get his chance, but he does not deserve it anymore than Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Big Show, Batista and the countless amounts of superstars who feel as though they have been overlooked.

Just because Bryan has the popularity does not make him the man. It is unfair for everyone to expect a billion dollar company to let the fans control how their television program airs. The WWE is scripted and they have a plan to stick to that will ensure their product lasts. When Bryan gets his turn, it will eventually end, and the fans will just hop onto the next guy who has been overlooked. It did not used to be this way, and the fans need to revert to their old ways. There is just no respect and faith in the WWE anymore and it is not the company’s fault.

Social media and technology has made the fans feel like their opinions and thoughts should affect what goes on in the WWE, but it really should not. The WWE pays their wrestlers and their writers to do what they say.

Fans today are even ruining the concept of heels and faces. Batista returned as a face, but the fans refuse to cheer him on in spite of what is going on with Bryan. It has become very confusing, and I wish everyone would just be patient before fans lose sight of their roles.

If it gets to the point where the fans are yelling “yes” for the entire show — to purposely drown out the other superstars — then I think the WWE should suspend Bryan to silence them. Unless if he gets his fans to show more respect for the company that pays him. That way the company can finally prove who is ultimately in charge.

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  • Sam Coolsome

    Batista hasn’t done anything to warrant a cheer anyway all he does is tell everyone he wants to be champion. Okay? So does everyone else even with out the Bryan thingI don’t see any reason to get behind him.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      I have more great memories of Batista than I ever will of Bryan. Batista means more to the WWE than Bryan. Its not the WWE fault he left. They are just happy to have one of their biggest stars from the past back in the ring.

      • Robert

        I have memories of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Rock. Does not mean any of them should be champion except for SCSA. they could make that guy sit in a chair for 3 hours just drinking beer and rambling about nothing in the center of the ring, and it would still be more entertaining than the PG era wrestling INCLUDING batista.

        • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

          At the end of the day, the WWE isn’t as bad as Bryan’s fans are TRYING to make it seem. They are ruining it for everyone just because they feel like Bryan should be champion. I’ve never seen so many immature and whining people in my life. The WWE fans are young and I’m 26 so I know what its like to be a real fan who loves the business for what it is, not for what I want it to be.

          • Harold Bloemer

            I’m assuming WWE is paying you defend them.

          • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

            I WISH LOL ! No, I’m just tired of the fans thinking their actions are right when they’re stabbing the company we all love in the back and making it worse than it is. The Batista-Orton feud could be so awesome but the fans are hating soooo much that they’re making it hard for the company to produce the best Wrestlemania possible. No matter who Bryan(even if for the title main event) fought at WM30, it wouldn’t be bigger than Batista, Lesnar, Taker Punk or Cena’s match unless he went against them and he’d most likely still be booked to lose. Bryan is just not that interesting to me. He’s a big gimmick with a catch phrase – Lame to me seriously. The WWE’s fan base are so young, misguided and easily impressed by good techinal wrestlers instead of all-around great superstars like Punk, Orton, Batista, Ziggler, Ambrose, Regins and more. These young bucks do not know any better. How old are you? if i may ask.

          • hwalsh

            Brian Anderson, you are nothing but a child. I say that because I’m 33. You are simply upset because YOU don’t like Daniel Bryan. Nothing more.

            What else was good about the Rumble?

            John Cena vs Randy Orton part 16? We’ve seen it all before.

            Cody and Gold Dust weren’t even IN the main show.

            Batista winning the Rumble? He was rough. Out of shape. Terrible. Reigns deserved it a hundred times more.

            The Big Show jobbing to Brock? Come on, it was a joke not a match.

            Fans are pissed kiddo, because Bryan was the only wrestler there to run a decent match that wasn’t a repeat.

  • Tremor_Fang

    First, I really think that suspending Bryan for being so popular / liked / the current favorite is not only silly, but it’d probably just make the crowds louder or lose the WWE money.

    Batista isn’t solely booed only because of Bryan’s current popularity streak, but largely because he returned after 4 years, in bad shape and got an automatic spot in the main event of wrestlemania.

    As for the crowd returning to what they once were, what I recall them being just before this outbreak of fan reaction was largely quiet and uncaring for most superstars to begin with. The only ones that garnered much of a reaction were Cena, Orton, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and a few others and even then, it wasn’t this excited or loud.

    The WWE has something big on their hands with Bryan and it can be potentially good for them if they play it right. Bryan doesn’t need to be the face of the company, but he can be a star that rakes in money and notoriety if the WWe handles it right.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Money and notoriety is never a concern for the WWE, that’s why Bryan is expendable

      • Shamirr

        “Money and notoriety is never a concern for the WWE”

        REALLY!? You either have never followed Vince and the WWE and have decided to comment anyway or you are straight trolling!

      • billy

        “Money and notoriety is never a concern for the WWE” when did the wwe stop being a business.

  • Rob

    The WWE should have expected this reaction. They wrote a story about a successful underdog being regularly screwed out of the title (Summerslam, Battleground, Night of Champions, and Hell in a Cell). If it were all real, the fans would not let such an outrage go forgotten, so why does the WWE now expect them to be silent about this star who must now be in the background after being screwed unfairly?

    Some fans, like you I have to point out, do feel entitled to some control. But most are appropriately going along with the stories and it isn’t their fault that WWE keeps changing its mind about them. I think it is hypocritical to suggest that the fans want control over the product so therefore the WWE should suspend Daniel Bryan.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Yes because their reaction to the situation is making the product seem more stale than it is. Batista at Wrestlemania is awesome but Bryan’s fans are making it seem like the WWE is wrong and they are not. Their actions even led to Punk buying in and quitting. Punk would not have quit if the fans would just chill out, because they are overlooking him for Bryan as well. They are ruining the program, maybe not purposely but they are and something has to change before WM30.

      • daniel

        That’s not true punk left the wwe because people like Batista who just came back gets a title match and getting all the wrestle mania events when people like punk ,John crab and DANIL BYRAN who works and wrestle 390 something DAYS hard are getting mid card matches and they serve more . It’s a look so time for new superstars people don’t want to see old people no more it’s a new era . And if they keep doing this they will we all their fans and won’t get no money or have anyone to watch them wrestle

        • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

          Bryan has only been the WWE since 2009 and has won the title three times, meanwhile guys like Ziggler, Big Show, Mysterio, and Barrett have been overlooked for way more time but the fans don’t care because they’re not the best in their eyes. Fans are acting like children, oh wait, most of you are children, I always tend to forget that !

          • Sahil Sharma

            so do you think even batista deserves it more than ziggler big show, mysterio and barrett?
            you are nothin but a bryan hater

      • Sahil Sharma

        you don’t make any sense. wwe always was what people wanted. john cena is the top face of the company because people want him, ladies and kids actually. people wanted dwayne johnson and wwe put him on top years ago…. this is how it works
        you need to shut up. because you are a bryan hater….nothing else……..

  • Robert

    This article is insane. “Fans should be like sheep and just go with the product presented to them” is what I just gathered from this article. We all know that wrestling is scripted, so that makes us all critics of story lines and plots that occur in the WWE. How many people here saw a movie they didn’t like and didn’t complain because to complain would ruin the perception of the movie industry? Batista is awful. Awful on mic, awful in the ring (he was out of breath at the Royal Rumble after a minute of fighting), and awful politics (best buds with HHH and HBK backstage.) Expect a heel turn out of batista at elimination chamber. Does anyone go to the live shows anymore? The boos are deafening towards Batista, watching it on tv does not do it justice. Randy loses the belt at Elimination Chamber as well. There is no way vince is going to allow the main event at WM to be heel vs. heel.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      That’s the problem, Batista is not a hell. The fans are trying to force it onto him. Thats what I mean when I say the fans are causing controversy by trying to dictate what the WWE does with their superstars. Fans are getting too bold instead of just enjoying the show. We all have more than enough reason to be happy about the direction of the company, but fans put it all on Bryan and it’s wrong. I don’t care for Bryan at all, i think he’s the most overrated star ever. Hes a great wrestler but mic skills are corny, his character his boring and his look is the worst. Triple H is right about him, im sorry but he is.

      • Sahil Sharma

        this is your thinking. you talk about mic skills. are you a wrestler? do you have mic skills? NO! NO! NO! what do you want? you are nothing else but a hater. this guy has proved he’s better than all others including rock, cena and everybody else. people support says it all

        • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

          Ummmmm okayyy, someone needs some sleep lol

  • Nam

    You’re not very smart if you think suspending Bryan would kill the reactions. It would amplify them tenfold. Did you not watch the Rumble?

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Well I guess they should fire him instead, because their reactions are getting Bryan nowhere.

      • Joe Cronin SHOW

        happy you got attention you moron ?? you are a fucking idiot and dont know shit I’m gonna kill you in my you tube video. Stay tuned dumb dumb. This is some of the most #retard shit I have ever read. We are all dumber for having read it. Feel free to come on the show and some how attempt to defend this assinine horse cum that I just read #FACT Youtube.com/Joecroninshow

  • Archie

    1982, AWA, Hulk Hogan. lest we forget what happens when you dont give the talent a championship he wants and the fans dont get the champion they want. They tend to leave.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      The Rock, Austin, HBK, Batista, and more didn’t leave because of those reasons. Bryan may DESERVE to win the title but the beauty of the WWE is the element of surprise. It’ll come when they want, not when the fans want. The fans are so wrong in this situation. They’re taking the WWE too serious, as if wrestling is real or something. It is a show ran by the company and champions are made and broken on their time, regardless of who is “IN” with the crowd. The WWE knows this, that’s why they’re not listening to these crazy fans. Bryan is really lame to me personally. I’m not attacking him, but he isn’t great at anything besides his in ring skill – which A LOT of superstars excel in or they wouldn’t be in the ring. Bryan is a mid-carder at best. The fans’ attention got him more recognition and if it were not for them then he’d still be a mid-carder. Sorry, but it doesn’t get any better for him from this point, although he will win the title again down the road, he will NEVER be considered a top guy over Batista, Cena, Orton, and even Reigns; who will outshine as well.

      • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

        That there is the truth, and if fans cannot accept the reality of the business, then they should go watch TNA or something. They can chant YES! (such a lame gimmick and chant as well) more and more, but they will be wasting their breath if they think their chants are going to get Bryant the title any sooner than the WWE has it planned for him. If no one can understand that honesty, then I feel sorry for them because they will continue to be let down all while pouring their money into the business. It’s a lose-lose situation for the fans unless they go back to equally cheering or booing the superstars that the WWE decides deserves the spotlight at the time.

        • Harold Bloemer

          Lmao, well you can complain all you want, but we are going to continue crapping on WWE whether you like it or not. I was at the RAW in dayton when batista returned and we made sure to crap on that loser steroid addict.

          • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

            Do what you want. You can’t crap on something if you’re making them money LOL. The WWE always wins in the end, and the fans will never stop watching, and talking about their company. So complain and complain but you’re not helping the cause by feeding them money which only influences them to NOT do what you want as a fan lol.

          • billy

            In a previous comment you said “Money and notoriety is never a concern for the WWE” yet now your saying that the . “So complain and complain but you’re not helping the cause by feeding them money which only influences them to NOT do what you want as a fan lol.” So do they want money or do they not want money.

        • pollitttyler

          Are you kidding me??? It seems you’re the one that doesn’t understand business! Imagine if a restaurant had a new food product to sell, one all their customers wanted, but the restaurant says “oh no, you can’t have that, why don’t you take this instead.” How long do you think that restaurant will be in business??? Not very long… I’m sorry but you’re absolutely insane! Do the customers take the food the restaurant is only WILLING to give them???!! HELL NO! They say “I want the goddamn steak! Not the fucking chicken! Or I’m leaving!” You ever heard the saying the customer is always right?? You and WWE have seem to forgotten that they are a business…

  • Harold Bloemer

    Uh, do you really think fans will stop cheering if Bryan is gone? they will cheer his name louder than ever. duh

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      Okay and that will get those fans the same thing they are getting for cheering louder and louder now – nothing.

  • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

    Controversy Sells and the WWE is great at manipulating their fans into spending more and more money despite their complaints. If any of you want to make a real difference then here is not the place and talking bad on me will not help. Stand up and take action or continue to be overlooked like your savior Bryan. I’m with the WWE on this one, no matter what, I love their product and they are smart for keeping Bryan out of the spotlight so that more talented superstars like Roman Reigns, Brock, Orton and Batista can shine instead.

  • joshberg65

    Oh em gee, how dare those fans cheer who they want to like it was an actual sport. Last time I checked, Stone Cold got the belt because of fan reaction, same as The Rock and Cena. The difference is that for some reason, WWE has been reluctant to ride the wave like they did in the past.

  • hwalsh

    You are out of your mind if you think for a second that the fans are wrong here.

  • hwalsh

    Love how Brian Anderson removes posts that put him in his place that he can’t refute.

  • Ray Smith

    Wow… this guy is an idiot. I’ll bet this dumb idiot also thinks the WWE was right in confiscating CM PUNK signs & kicking people out for chanting CM PUNK on RAW last night? What an IDIOT!

  • Zechs Marquise

    What passes for journalism these days is disturbing. This article is a joke. Bryan is WWE’s hottest commodity. We get that you likes big muscly dudes, and there’s nothing wrong with that but the other 99.6% of fans want Bryan. Not the same guy who won the royal rumble 9 years ago main evented wrestlemania and the immediately got demoted to the B-show. The fans are behind who they like. That’s how 80,000 people can get passionately behind a scripted product. Bryan winning the rumble would have gotten the same reaction as Austin winning the rumble and 80,000 chanting “YES!” after he won the main event would be the kind of clip that would be in every WWE video package for eternity, now we’re going to have a main event the crowd is indifferent to, it will be embarrassing. You need to find a new hobby or learn to not post your bias opinion as journalism. What is this Fox News: WWE edition?

    • BLeClair12

      I agree with the majority of this wholeheartedly. This article is among some of the most ignorant drivel I’ve come across in recent years in regards to pro wrestling. The entire industry was built upon creating stars who could invoke incredible reactions from an audience. WWE has a way of spiting those who become stars on their own, rather than by force-fed lines and gimmicks that WWE hang their hat on and say “we made that.” It didn’t used to be that way, though. Daniel Bryan’s situation is not unlike Stone Cold’s was many years ago. Granted, it’s on a significantly smaller scale, as wrestling is nowhere near as popular then as it is now (and I’m certainly not arguing that Bryan will go on to be a Stone Cold level star), but the fact remains – the fans have spoken. They want what they want, and I’m incredibly proud of the crowds who, week in and week out, voice their opinion about the product that they paid their hard earned money to see.

      This author seems to believe that, as a “longtime fan”, it somehow affords him a sense of superiority over those who recognize that what’s happening stretches far beyond the confines of the “IWC” and into the mainstream audience. Suspending the most popular guy on your roster (based on crowd reaction) would be one of the most petty and childish attempts at one-upsmanship a company could possibly pull. Firing him would cross over into the territory of flat out insanity.

      Those that can’t see the validity in the argument for Bryan are completely failing to acknowledge the most powerful thing in wrestling – storytelling. Bryan spent months in a corporate struggle for Championship glory and had it ripped away from him time and time again. We, as fans, who appreciate a good story, should want and expect to see that story come full circle. We shouldn’t simply accept when it’s thrown to the side or completely ignored.

  • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

    Well I made my point here. I’ll continue to stand by my opinion and I will continue to write about this subject. YES! YES! YES! I will. If anyone wants to continue this discussion with me, please add me on Twitter @MrAnderson035 ! I will be doing a Podcast about the subject and I am more than willing to invite you guys on to speak your minds. Please contact me to reach out and continue this conversation. Thank you and sorry some of you were so angry and couldn’t handle this topic but I understand your frustration as fans of Bryan.

    • deepelemblues

      Anyone who thinks that it’s the consumers’ fault when they don’t like what is being sold doesn’t understand business, or entertainment.

  • William Bontrager

    Good rant! Despite the terrible writing, like some far-sighted five year scrawling with crayon, you managed to get 36 comments, and now I just added to it. Batista got booed because he is terrible. Daniel Bryan is better doing promos and wrestling right now than anyone else. The Authority made it a story in screwing Daniel Bryan out of the title so what is wrong with the fans screaming when WWE programming asked for it? I am upset with myself that I even answered this article.

  • Daveson

    This is ridiculous, It hurts me that you are able to post such
    stupidity as this and (guessing here) get paid for it? The reactions are
    getting Bryan no where? I can’t believe how naive or just plain stupid
    you are. The fans aren’t the problem, they never have been. They pay
    their money to go and see a show, of course they will critique it, of
    course they’ll have their favorites and the ones they don’t like. That’s
    their right as paying customers. It’s WWE’s fault if the people don’t
    like what they are seeing.

    That doesn’t mean they
    should fire Daniel Bryan, far from it. They should embrace the love the
    guy is getting. This is a guy who has the winners of the Super Bowl
    tweeting to and about him 5 minutes after winning, that’s huge exposure
    to a company that has had trouble recently getting main stream exposure.
    They will be loving that.

    People cheered for Stone
    Cold, The Rock and for a while John Cena and they were pushed because of
    it, because people LOVED them.

    I beg whoever approved this article, re-think in future, this guy has no idea what he is talking about at all. He shouldn’t be allowed to comment on WWE related things because he has no clue.

  • Dangelo Barksdale

    This is the dumbest article I’ve read in 2014. Why would he be punished for being popular? Fans are pissed because it’s so obvious that Bryan should be the champion. Best performer, loudest crowds are not something that should be punished.

  • Jacob Henley

    There are not my own words, but words from someone on a wrestling message board I frequent, and it is on a thread where a couple of your articles are mentioned. I’m posting this because it’s pretty much exactly how I feel.

    “WWE seems to forget why they
    are going to be having 30 years of WM in the first place. That’s right
    it’s becasue of the FANS the fans are the reason WM was a success and
    why they survived the monday night wars. The WWE does owe us quality
    entertainment and while they can’t make everybody happy that can sure as
    hell at least try their best.

    Once again I am so grateful the fans are shitting on the crap wwe is producing I really hope it continues.”

    Also this:

    “What this author is missing
    entirely is, you take any of the main headlining babyfaces over the last
    40 years or so, and ALL of them are the main guy BECAUSE of the crowd

    It was the case with Bruno Sammartino, he had that bond with the crowd
    and even in between his two title reigns, he was still the man in the
    eyes of the fans because he built up a genuine and organic connection
    with the paying fans. Hulk Hogan became a phenomenon because of the
    reactions he got. Ditto Ultimate Warrior.

    Steve Austin and The Rock became babyfaces because the fans demanded it,
    and cheered them in spite of the direction the company had them on
    originally. The same for John Cena as well.

    Fact is, when a wrestlers forges that organic connection with the fans,
    he can no longer go ignored by the powers that be. There’s something
    that has caused Bryan to just connect with the fans.”

    You seem to not get the point that if wasn’t for the fans, there would be no WWE. Speaking from a business perspective, the fans are the consumers. And if your product is not generally satisfying your consumers, then that is a very bad business model.

    I don’t think there’s ever been another time in wrestling history where a promotion was so dead set against what it’s fans want.

  • James Cole

    Brian, you should stop. Really.

  • Phil

    This is the stupidest wrestling article I’ve ever read

  • Phil

    We ARE the WWE. They would be no where without fans putting money in their pocket. WE dictate who they push and become champion. WE tell them what to do because WE are paying them for a service. That service is to entertainment us. The fans should never be in service to an entertainment company. They serve US. WWE is not a religion. We don’t BLINDLY follow them. If we don’t like something, we will tell them and it’s their job to fix it. That’s how any successful business works. You give paying customers what they want and right now, they want Daniel Bryan. ECW seems to be the only wrestling company that understood that the fans are everything

  • Jon Fite

    With Punk gone and Cena out of action, yes, suspending the only hot main event face left on the roster is a totally smart idea.

  • Blake W. Butler

    You know what Brian Anderson, I agree with you. In fact there were several other times in the past when fans have gone over the line and guys should’ve been suspended for it.

    They should’ve suspended Austin sometime in 1996-1997 when fans started bringing in “Austin 3:16″ signs and cheering loudly for him even though he was heel. That was all very disrespectful to Bret Hart. Instead, they went ahead and put the belt on Stone Cold in 1998 and made him a star?! How dare they just give in to the fans like that!

    I also think The Rock should’ve been suspended once every crowd started to play “Sing along with The Rock” in 1999. Don’t they know The Rock was supposed to be a corporate heel?! Why would they hijack a show like that? They must just want attention.

    Let’s not forget the worst offense of all, fans in Toronto cheering Hogan over Rock at Wrestlemania 18. Those fans all should’ve been escorted out of the Skydome and Hulk Hogan should’ve immediately been removed from WWE television for ruining Wrestlemania. You must cheer and boo for whomever Vince McMahon tells you to damnit! I’ve never seen such disrespect in my life.

  • Perris Neuman

    What does it take to post an article on this Web Site? A Keyboard? Is that the only qualification? Clearly you don’t need to know anything about what you’re critiquing. Articles like this are why you have editors who say no.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson


  • Sean Sloppy

    2 word for you fuck you and 3 more grow up asshole

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/briananderson/ Brian Anderson

      No thanks