Mick Foley Is Right About CM Punk

By Damian Seeto
Mick Foley Thumbs Up
Image from Mick Foley – Facebook

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has now publicly revealed what he thinks of CM Punk walking out of the company.

It’s not uncommon to anyone that Punk isn’t a fan of authority. The man has always been a “rebel,” so to speak, and always hated being told what to do. Back in 2011, he voiced his opinion on WWE management and he became a star because of it. Now he has walked out of the company mainly because management has failed him once again.

In the video that Foley released, he says that Punk’s frustrations have been building for a long time. Foley also mentioned that when Punk is done, he’s done for good. This is unlike Foley himself who “retired” more than once like other wrestlers have done in the past.

The thing that I agree with Foley on the most is that Punk should at least work at WrestleMania XXX and have a huge feud with Triple H. Using his real life walk-out could be interesting and mirror the same storyline they used back in 2011. He also said that Punk could earn a lot of money working at WrestleMania XXX as well.

Punk could also do some of the best promos of his life too. We all know his “pipebombs” were awesome back in 2011. Punk has never had the chance to speak out on the WWE ever since then, which has been kind of boring.

I don’t know Punk personally, but the fan in me wants him to at least retire properly. I understand that he has health issues, though one last match in the WWE and a proper send-off would make the fans more happy. Right now, everyone has been kept in the dark about the whole thing and WrestleMania XXX is looking to be very boring without Punk in any of the matches.

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