Is Raw's Loss Of Viewers Due To Absence Of CM Punk?

By Damian Seeto
No CM Punk Equals No Viewers
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

Raw was getting around five million viewers per week for the last two weeks. This past episode, however, the number of viewers dropped dramatically.

Raw saw a huge increase in viewers the night that Batista came back. WWE hadn’t got viewers this big since last March during the build up for WrestleMania 29. WWE advertised the return of Batista a lot and many people tuned in to see his comeback.

Last week’s Raw episode did well either, which is mainly because people tuned in to see the fallout from the Royal Rumble PPV that was held the night before. Not to mention there was Brock Lesnar at that show and he had a stare down with both Batista and Randy Orton.

This week’s Raw, however, dropped in the ratings, with only around four million people watching. This could be seen as a huge disappointment, because WWE has been averaging four million viewers per week for months now. I’m sure they would want to average close to five million viewers per week with WrestleMania XXX around the corner.

One major reason the viewership might have dropped is because of the absence of CM Punk. The Royal Rumble PPV was seen as a negative to most fans and Punk leaving the company was another huge blow to them. Not to mention this week’s show also lacked Lesnar and even John Cena.

Another reason the viewership dropped could have been how lackluster Batista’s return has become. People were excited for him to come back, but now they are bored of him already. Batista is downright boring as a babyface and lots of people hated how we won the Royal Rumble match again.

If WWE is able to get Punk back on the show and Lesnar in a decent feud, I’m sure the Raw ratings would improve. As of right now, people are bored of the current direction of the company and they might not even watch WrestleMania XXX with the way things are currently going.

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