WWE: Randy Orton Still Favorite to Win Chamber

By Dan Marsiglia
Randy Orton
Courtesy of Randy Orton – WWE Universe Facebook

Despite losing to Daniel Bryan on Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton is still the best bet to walk out of the Elimination Chamber as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It was announced on Monday that Orton will compete against every chamber participant over the coming weeks leading to the PPV on Feb. 23. Expect to see competitive matches and maybe a few more upsets during that span. The fans need to believe that Orton is in jeopardy of losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the proper way to instill that belief is by having Orton appear vulnerable.

Still, it was a big win for Bryan over the reigning world champion, and a very good match. However, there is no indication that WWE will forgo the planned showdown between Orton and Dave Batista at WrestleMania XXX. The major giveaway was Orton’s promo earlier in the show where he brought up Batista’s name and referenced their past alliance in Evolution.

Is Orton vs. Batista a contest fans want to see at WrestleMania? If you took a poll, the overwhelming answer would be no, but that has never stopped WWE from going forward with a match. Oh, and for all you conspiracy theorists out there, isn’t it a bit mysterious that two of Triple H‘s closest former cohorts are likely to duke it out for the title?

All kidding aside, the odds are on on the champion to walk out of “Satan’s prison” with both belts over his shoulders. That said, nothing is ever set in stone, especially in this wacky industry. As soon as the bell rings and the chamber door is locked, all bets are off.

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