Alberto Del Rio Could Be Leaving WWE Soon

By Damian Seeto
Alberto Del Rio With Ricardo
Image from Alberto Del Rio – WWE Universe Facebook

Alberto Del Rio started his WWE career back in 2010. Even though he started late, it looks like he’s not willing to stay in the business much longer.

Del Rio has had an interesting working life mainly because he tried amateur wrestling, MMA and professional wrestling. Because there was no money to earn in amateur wrestling, he mainly focused in professional wrestling instead. During the same time, he was also doing MMA on the side.

Much like many Mexican wrestlers, he started off wrestling in Mexico for many years before he wrestled for the WWE. He didn’t join WWE until he was 33-years-old, and that was only back in 2010. Because of his wrestling background, WWE gave him a push very early.

If Del Rio was to retire right now, I would say he had a good run. Del Rio in my mind isn’t the best or most exciting wrestler to watch, but he is talented if he works with someone else decent. I do feel that Del Rio should have won the World Title back at WrestleMania 27 as I thought Edge didn’t need to get the victory since he was already an solidified main event player. Not to mention Edge retired the next night anyway.

I do feel right now that Del Rio himself isn’t as motivated as he was last year. Back in 2013, he seemed more happy playing as a babyface and was wrestling in meaningful programs. Now that there is only one champion in WWE, I feel that Del Rio himself knows he won’t reach the top level ever again with John Cena and Randy Orton still on the roster.

Still, Del Rio has mentioned he’s saved a lot of money so he won’t be poor if he chooses to retire. In my mind he had a good run in WWE, albeit not a memorable one it was still commendable. He won the World Title many times and the Royal Rumble in the span of under four years. That’s a big achievement in my book.

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