Controversy Surrounding WWE And Daniel Bryan Just Another Social Media Trend

Daniel Bryan

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WWE fans worldwide are upset with the direction of the company. At no point in the history of sports entertainment have fans been so vocal about their displeasure. Social media gives those fans a platform to manifest their anger, and followers of the WWE are witnesses to the anger directed towards the company.

WWE fans have always been seen as an emotional and passionate group, so it is no surprise that they have no problem letting the company know how they feel when things aren’t going their way.

Most of that anger comes from the WWE’s decision to keep Daniel Bryan‘s career at a standstill while superstars like Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista take up most of the spotlight. The fans want and demand that their hero Bryan is crowned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan’s fans have hijacked WWE programming with huge cheers in hopes of drowning out his wrongdoers and the superstars who they deem as undeserving.

The fans chant “Yes!” when they know it will irk the company’s big shots like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who have taken most of the blame for holding Bryan back from rising in the ranks of the company. The WWE has done their best to use the controversy as fuel for their programming, but the fans have only grown more angry and restless.

Things reached a boiling point when Batista won the Royal Rumble, earning himself a spot to compete for the title at Wrestlemania XXX.

Of course, the fans thought that he took the honors away from Bryan, who they believe should have the honor of headlining the biggest show of the year. The conflict between the fans and company is unnecessary, but they refused to patient. There was a time when they had no choice but to take what the company gave them. Now, due to social media outlets, the fans are bolder and more demanding than the fans of the Attitude Era were.

The solution to this problem is for the fans to be patient with the WWE just as they have always been. What they fail to realize is not everyone wants to see Bryan in the spotlight, even though a lot of fans do. The WWE is a business, and they will always do what is best for the company.

Crowning Bryan as champion will not increase sales, nor will it change the future of wrestling. All it will do is make the fans happy temporarily until they find the next thing to complain about. What started as a whisper spread like a deadly virus. Bryan’s mistreatment became another social media trend, and it caught the attention of fans worldwide. Like all trends, it will pass and things will go back to the way they were.

The WWE will eventually give Bryan a run as WWE champion. I am sure that was always their plan, but it was to be done on their time, not when their customers demand it. I just hope the WWE Universe does not think this trend will continue and that they will be able to dictate whom the company crowns as champion. That would inevitably be a horrible business decision.

They should give Bryan’s fans what they want for now, and let them be happy that their prayers have finally been answered. After his time is up, the company will be able to move on. There will once again be room for other wrestlers to get the attention they deserve, and fans will show appreciation for former superstars when they make their return to the ring.

There will be a new trend going around the WWE. Let us just hope that it isn’t fueled by angry, misguided fans that are fighting against their own love for pro wrestling.

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Daniel Bryan’s Fans Are Ruining WWE Programming

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  • JuneBug81

    Nope, sorry. The outcry will and should continue until WWE realizes that the most over Superstar should be in the main event title scene. People are tired of “being patient.” Nothing is more fundamental to pro wrestling than getting over. Is anyone more over than Bryan? No. Yet he’s been stuck in mid card hell and had his momentum neutered six or seven times now.

    Patience is okay, IF there’s ever a payoff. There hasn’t been. WWE isn’t booking their product like a wrestling show anymore, where the most over person is used as such. And people are tired of it. Rightly so.

    • Ray Smith

      Exactly! Daniel Bryan should’ve been crowned champion at the Hell In A Cell. Period! That’s how that storyline works – they screw the underdog over & over for months & months, & then he finally wins the title & gets his moment in the sun. Not giving him the title at Hell In A Cell was just flat out disgusting… they’re robbing us (and Bryan) of some very special moments, where the entire crowd would go insane & roar like an Attitude Era crowd. It’s clearly backstage political BS & THAT is what people are so pissed about. Plain & simple.

      • JuneBug81

        Precisely. Both times he’s been victorious on Raw, in the space of three weeks, it’s generated memorable, iconic, “wrestlemania moment” scenarios. Entire arenas popping to their chosen one’s triumph. To say nothing of the fact that everyone he steps into the ring with has five star matches with him. EVERY TIME. He’s that good. He elevates whoever he’s working with to their peak. Everyone from Orton, to Cena, to the Miz have had their best matches in years with Bryan since his arrival in the company, period.

        There’s no rational reason not to give us that at a PPV, or not to give him the title. “He isn’t a draw” isn’t a reason. That’s WHY you push people consistently. People forget, but Hogan didn’t lose for something like four years before he was the huge draw he became. Austin was similarly protected. And Cena goes without saying. They didn’t start out as the monumental draws they became. And anyone who says Bryan doesn’t have just as much potential upside is blind at this point in my opinion. (Including WWE creative/booking.)

        If DANIEL BRYAN can’t become a draw if he’s pushed correctly, then WWE might as well pack it in and sell the company because no one else will. And if they won’t push him, then we might as well never pop for anyone again. Because what is the point? That’s how fundamental fan interactivity and getting over is. It is the very heart, soul, and premise of professional wrestling.

        I believe he can be a draw (if he isn’t already) if pushed PROPERLY, though. Meaning when he comes out commentary marks out like JR would for Austin. Meaning he gets some credible victories and is built to be a wrestling machine of epic proportions. Meaning he gets a long, company-supported (in all dimensions and aspects) title reign. Maybe rivaling Punk’s in duration, and certainly with more company support and put-over than Punk’s reign ever got. Seriously, he has a record setting title reign but it seemed like it was all pointless and without impact because of how they booked it. Ugh.

        It’s as if WWE has forgotten how to make people! Seriously, wtf? They cannot get cold feet every time buyrates are low or ratings dip because of market fluctuations or other bad booking on their part and bail on the people they’re pushing constantly. Which is what they’ve done for years and years now, hence the Cena dynasty, because no one else ever gets made. They seem truly myopic, and the length of time for which this has persisted is the source of fans’ frustration.

  • Zechs Marquise

    Why are all your articles whining about WWE fans liking daniel Bryan over the muscle heads? How about do real journalism like how the WWE is mistreating the people’s champion.