WWE Fans Lie About Being Kicked From Monday Night Raw To Draw Heat On Company

By Brian Anderson
Picture Via WWE Official Facebook Page

The heat between the WWE and their fans continues to burn hot after this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. As we all know, CM Punk has left the company after growing frustrated with the direction of WWE programming. After Raw, multiple reports surfaced that fans were being booted out of the arena for chanting “CM Punk.” Those reports have since been proven to be false after multiple fans in attendance admitted that they did not witness anyone being thrown out during the show. No one has stepped up to refute those claims.

You may wonder why anyone would lie about being kicked from the show, but the answer is obvious — to draw more heat on the WWE as the fans continue to publicly boycott the company’s decisions involving Daniel Bryan. If you have watched the show in recent weeks, fans are showing their displeasure by “hijacking” segments with groundless chants of “Yes!” to show their support for Bryan. Former WWE commentator, Jim Ross, had this to say about the situation:

“Seems as if some fans fabricated stories about being kicked out of the Omaha event because they were chanting for CM Punk. I seriously wonder if these fans actually think that they can make a difference in the PUNK-WWE matter or if they are merely trying to attract attention to themselves? I lean to the latter. I am not a fan of those who want to verbally ‘hijack’ and distract a TV show. Again, I question the agenda of many of the culprits.”

The fans and the company once had an understanding, but those days are far-gone. Social media has become a platform for fans to voice their opinions with millions of eyes watching. People are taking advantage of the age of the internet, but mostly for selfish reasons, like to demand a push for their favorite superstar. It is hard to place the blame on the WWE, because it is their show to decide who they see fit to lead their company. If they do not want Bryan as their champion right now then there’s nothing wrong that. The controversy starts when fans began to become unruly, arrogant and obnoxious.

It is no surprise to me that there were people claiming to be kicked out of the arena for chanting for Punk, but it shines a light on how unfair the fans are being about the entire situation. Instead of letting the company run their own show, they are attempting to take matters into their own hands. The worst part about it is that the relationship between the fans the company may never recover.

The WWE will be more hesitant in giving a push to deserving wrestlers, because there will be no way to determine if the fans are going to act out as they have for Bryan. I hope a solution comes before certain fans ruin Wrestlemania 30 for the people who have no problem with the direction of WWE programming. Only time will reveal the destiny of the company. I just hope this all ends with a respectable relationship between the WWE and its fans all around the world.

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