Is Powerhouse Titus O'Neil Turning Heel Good For Business?

By williambontrager
courtesy of Titus O’Neil-WWE FaceBook

Titus O’Neil is often overlooked in the wrestling world. He had a gimmick with Darren Young. They hugged each other and swayed from side to side screaming, “millions of dollars.” Like Fandango, the crowd loved to mimic it, but they did not go anywhere except lose a few times to tag teams like Kane/Daniel Bryan and R-Truth/Kofi Kingston.

Before he was that fun-loving guy though, Titus was a wrecking ball. He towered over his opponents, decimating them with simple yet effective moves. His power was somewhat drowned out while he was tagging with Young. He has enough athleticism being a former football player and enough charisma to get him to the top, but he has been stuck in the WWE as a dancing bear of sorts.

That all changed last Friday on Smackdown. He betrayed Young, and reminiscent of earlier days, O’Neil turned on the audience. Now, what is the WWE going to do with him?

We haven’t heard from Brodus Clay since his heel turn, so the WWE might just let this guy sit in a locker room as guys like Batista limp out to the ring. I don’t expect them to do anything with him until after Wrestlemania, but I would love to see them use this guy to his full potential.

His move set is typical of a football player. His taunts are like those of a linebacker after putting the quarterback down to the turf with a clod of dirt hanging from his mouth guard. He hypes up the crowd whether he is a heel or a face. He barks in his opponents’ faces, yells at the crowd, shows good hostility in his pauses, and makes entertaining promos.

A good start would be to have him take on Young. They could use Wednesday’s Main Event to showcase their feud. They started their battle with O’Neil walking away from Young as blood dripped down his mouth, and they need to keep it going. I know that their story isn’t glamorous like the brilliant idea of two globs of muscle like Batista and Brock Lesnar showing up and demanding to be at the top, but I would like to see it. Give Titus O’Neil a chance to tell his story.

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