The Authority Needs Cutthroat Business Philosophy

By williambontrager
Courtesy of Triple H-WWE FaceBook

Vince McMahon made the statement that he has envisioned a wrestling world where there are no heels and no faces. It seems that the Authority is under this belief as well. Unlike McMahon in the attitude era, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have not been consistent with their gimmicks.

They set up Randy Orton as their champion and glimmering face of the company. Then they pushed for John Cena to become the face. They allowed a fair fight between the ex-Prototype and the Viper. When that didn’t work, they announced that Daniel Bryan will have an opportunity to become the new face of the WWE. Didn’t they despise Bryan just mere weeks ago?

I understand that if this was a novel from a brilliant Russian novelist that there can be some internal depth and complexity to the characters, but this is WWE programming. There are good guys and bad guys. To make sense of this behavior, Triple H can be shown to be torn inside. The good and the bad could wrestle inside of him and come out in bouts of justice mixed with cruelty. But the WWE is not doing this — rather, it is doing the opposite.

Triple H is calm, cool and collected when he strides out to the ring in his finely-ironed suit. He knows what he wants, but the WWE Universe does not.

It must be this “no heels and no faces” philosophy. This is confusing to some people when the Authority is doing something dastardly, and then they turn around and do something noble. This won’t work unless they build up the “best for business” theme. This could obsessively drive them and if they do it, they need to do it right. They need to live by this philosophy and not just spout it every once in a while.

Here is an example. Bryan should be prohibited not from saying, “Yes”, but by saying anything besides his wildly popular slogan. After all, that slogan sells T-shirts and is truly best for business. He could be prohibited from shaving his beard and doing anything else besides leading his “Yes” movement. In time, the crowd would grow to truly hate the Authority, and they’d have a story!

They could do that with all of their wrestlers. This could explain their inconsistent actions of late. They are there to make as much money as humanly possible, while throwing artistic integrity to the winds. If they say it is best for business, then they better show the audience that every chance they get. Right now, they just seem confused.

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