MVP's Dynamic TNA Appearence Starts Good Rivalry

By williambontrager

courtesy of Montel Vontavious Porter-MVP FaceBook

Now that TNA has a voice of opposition, the show has already become more balanced.

Unlike the Authority we recognize the out of control ego behind Dixie Carter’s regime. Maybe they are less patient than WWE, and maybe the WWE will address why Shawn Michaels messed up Daniel Bryan, why the New Age Outlaws are tag team champions, and why Triple H’s best buddy Batista gets to headline Wrestle-mania, but they haven’t done that yet.

TNA has done that, however. Dixie Carter is portrayed as having a huge ego. She seems to be a lone woman on a mission out to prove that although she doesn’t know a headlock from an illegal choke in the ring, she can run a company better than the veterans in the industry. She plays the typical pampered wealthy individual who thinks that she can outsmart everyone.

Now that MVP stepped up and revealed himself to be the secret investor, TNA Impact has a veteran to represent those oppressed under her callous regime. MVP is no Hulk Hogan, but he does represent the world of Pro Wrestling.

He made his case in the ring to some appreciative fans and convinced us that he is a wrestler first and an investor second. He passionately expressed that to Rockstar Spud, threatening him with his bronzed fists. Now where do they go from here?

I would like to see Dixie Carter powerless against MVP’s team for a while. He has assembled his team, The WolvesDavey Richards and Eddie Richards. They also seem like they breathe the thick air of Pro Wrestling. They have “Indy” scrawled all over their faces. They have both wrestled everywhere before they chose to be the muscle behind MVP.

Dixie’s team does not have this seasoned experience. EC3 is projected to be the pampered rich boy, and they should play up that lack of experience. The champion Magnus is also a polished pretty boy, hailing from some British isle. The set of differences are perfect to have some great stories unfold. Hopefully they take advantage of it.

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