WWE Needs More Electrifying Matches Like Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro Antonio

By williambontrager
courtesy of Antonio Cesaro-WWE FaceBook

Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan showed their experience in the ring on Smackdown. What a brilliant match they put on for their fans Friday! The audience was somewhat disappointed when Kane announced that the shaggy bearded superstar was going to be slinging his kicks against the Real American, but they shouldn’t have been.

What those two did in the ring was magic. It started out with some chain, and some holds that we are not used to seeing anymore. There was some originality in setting Bryan up for his Hurricanrana. We saw that the typical moves that Bryan throws were actually countered into something equally as amazing. It was just two veterans, two different styles, coming together the way pro wrestling was meant to be. It was speed and charisma against scary power.

After the two used up their original moves it got brutal. The psychology changed from trying to out-wrestle their opponent, to just beating them down in the ring. European elbows were exchanged. A bounce off the ropes into a big boot was given with precision. Cesaro and Bryan flung, swung, and battered each other through the commercial break.

The match had all the elements that it needed. It ended with both men reaching in desperation for their finishers. Of course Bryan made the Swiss Superman tap at the end. The fans would get antsy if they couldn’t give their “yes” chant every five minutes. But the show they put on was worth it.

Now, if the WWE would take notice. I have been saying all along that guys like Cesaro need a shot and the results spoke for themselves. Imagine a Wrestle-Mania with guys like Cesaro and Bryan wrestling instead of Batista and Brock Lesnar? I know Bryan will be there, I am just saying imagine if the WWE actually built a story around guys like Cesaro?

They waste their energy on guys that are not as talented, but this match tonight has me hopeful again. I can’t wait for Batista and Brock to get their money and go so we can have real matches again!

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