Are Batista and Alberto Del Rio Destined to Clash at Elimination Chamber?

By Dan Marsiglia
Batista and Alberto Del Rio
Courtesy of Batista – WWE Universe Facebook

Nothing has been officially announced, but it appears that Dave Batista and Alberto Del Rio will settle their issues (whatever they are) at Elimination Chamber on Feb. 23.

Del Rio has taunted Batista the last several weeks, both in the ring and on Twitter. Batista shrugged off the early banter, but last week on Monday Night Raw things took a personal turn. Del Rio belittled Batista’s championship pedigree and then proceeded to take a cheap shot at the Animal which led to a near brawl.

It must be said that Del Rio is a bit of a lost soldier these days. The program with Batista seems to be an effort to give him something to do. The feud feels forced, almost like there is no reason for it. Batista said as much when he questioned why Del Rio has taken issue with him in the first place. Still, there are places WWE can go with it to make it interesting and worthwhile.

One way to give the match meaning is to put Batista’s title-shot at WrestleMania XXX on the line. Should Del Rio find himself victorious it would be he and not Batista who will headline WrestleMania. The outcome is still be fairly predictable (Batista wins), but at least there is something real at stake. Otherwise we’re looking at a simple grudge match with two men who don’t really know why they hate each other.

If the match takes place it will likely be a showcase for Batista. Don’t expect 20 minutes of epic back-and-forth action. Make no mistake, WWE wants to paint Batista as a dangerous machine heading into WrestleMania. In all likelihood the best way to do that is to give him a convincing win over a top-flight star like Del Rio.

It’s unclear how many dates Batista is going to work during his comeback tour, but there’s no reason for him to be completely left off the Elimination Chamber PPV. Will the match happen? We’ll likely find out during tonight’s Raw.

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