Lita To Be Inducted To The Hall of Fame

By Damian Seeto
Lita WWE Hall of Fame
Image from the Official WWE Facebook page

The 2014 Hall of Fame class is looking great as Lita has now been named as the newest inductee.

Lita is getting inducted just a year after her good friend Trish Stratus got the call last year. Lita has always been a very popular diva in the company, and it’s great she’s getting the recognition she deserves.

Lita was one of the first female wrestlers in the company to actually do high flying moves. Her moonsault and other moves were awesome to watch and made her matches more exciting than other women’s matches in the past.

Her onscreen rivalry with Stratus is always fondly remembered by fans. They gave it their all and had matches that rivaled that of the men. Many fans consider both Lita and Stratus to be The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s female counterparts. I would agree with that statement since all of them had great chemistry and were very popular with the crowds. All of them were also good heels too.

The only question remaining is who will induct Lita to the Hall of Fame? Some names that have been suggested include of course Stratus and even AJ Lee. AJ was a huge fan of Lita growing up so that would cool if she gets a chance to induct her idol. Other names thrown into the mix are her former boyfriends Edge and Matt Hardy. I think Edge has the “edge” over Hardy since Hardy has had some unwanted attention in the media recently.

One has to wonder if CM Punk would want to attend the Hall of Fame. He is also a former boyfriend of Lita’s.

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