Dolph Ziggler Is In WWE's Doghouse Right Now

By Damian Seeto
Dolph Ziggler Jobber
Image from Dolph Ziggler – WWE Universe Facebook

Dolph Ziggler was on top of the world last year, but fast forward to 2014, and the guy is in the pits. When Ziggler won the Money in the Bank match in 2012, it was the start of what could have been a big main event push for him. He held on to the briefcase for months and had a feud with John Cena along the way. He even won against Cena at that year’s TLC PPV.

In 2013, many people believed it was his year. The day after WrestleMania 29, he cashed in his briefcase to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. All that came to a crashing halt when Jack Swagger gave him a concussion. He was only champion for one month until Alberto Del Rio won the title off of him.

Since then, Ziggler has been a jobber. The WWE has punished him mainly for speaking his mind against the company. He was annoyed that the same old guys like Cena and Randy Orton are in the main event spots all the time.

Ziggler should have kept his mouth shut, because it seems that he’s been losing more than ever now. He’s been in the doghouse for close to six months, and it looks like there’s no going back. He lost to Del Rio in a very short match on Raw this week. The worst part of his week is losing a in a dark match against NXT’s Alexander Rusev. The fact that Ziggler is losing in dark matches proves that WWE has yet to forgive him.

I think this is sad because he’s only telling the truth. This is probably part of the reason why CM Punk left the company because other than Triple H’s friends and Cena, nobody else is given an opportunity to become famous …

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