Dolph Ziggler Is In WWE’s Doghouse Right Now

Dolph Ziggler Jobber

Image from Dolph Ziggler – WWE Universe Facebook

Dolph Ziggler was on top of the world last year, but fast forward to 2014, and the guy is in the pits. When Ziggler won the Money in the Bank match in 2012, it was the start of what could have been a big main event push for him. He held on to the briefcase for months and had a feud with John Cena along the way. He even won against Cena at that year’s TLC PPV.

In 2013, many people believed it was his year. The day after WrestleMania 29, he cashed in his briefcase to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. All that came to a crashing halt when Jack Swagger gave him a concussion. He was only champion for one month until Alberto Del Rio won the title off of him.

Since then, Ziggler has been a jobber. The WWE has punished him mainly for speaking his mind against the company. He was annoyed that the same old guys like Cena and Randy Orton are in the main event spots all the time.

Ziggler should have kept his mouth shut, because it seems that he’s been losing more than ever now. He’s been in the doghouse for close to six months, and it looks like there’s no going back. He lost to Del Rio in a very short match on Raw this week. The worst part of his week is losing a in a dark match against NXT’s Alexander Rusev. The fact that Ziggler is losing in dark matches proves that WWE has yet to forgive him.

I think this is sad because he’s only telling the truth. This is probably part of the reason why CM Punk left the company because other than Triple H’s friends and Cena, nobody else is given an opportunity to become famous …

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  • n8ball78

    Do they let just anyone write articles on this site? Bryan, Punk, Aj, The Shield, The Wyatts, and plenty others get great reactions. To say only Triple Hs friends become “famous” is ridiculous. Its like all the articles on this site are just writing by the commenters of the dirt sheets. Let me guess Triple H buries everyone who isn’t his friend too right? We can’t look at his entire mania history only the times he beat Booker T and Jericho right?

  • Satyam Ladva

    n8ball78, your point is understood but it is not what the article is referring to. Sure, Cm Punk and daniel bryan receive amazing reactions but the article is referring to “main event spots”. Cm punk is famous but no where near as well known as Cena or Orton. Likewise with bryan. Do Triple H and his friends get main event status…I think yes. I’m going to base this argument on the most important ppv of the year, Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 20 – Triple H in the main event, 21 – Triple H and Batista, 22 – H and Cena, 23 – Cena, 25 – H and Orton, 27 – Cena, 28 – Cena, 29 – Cena, 30 – orton/cena and batista. Ordinarily it would be okay to have Cena main event a ppv (since he is still wwe’s face) but, other than 24 and 26 (where undertaker, HBK and Edge main evented) the pattern seems rather obvious. On another point, surely Undertaker should have main evented a lot more Wrestlemanias, since he is the one with the streak (a prize more valuable than the championship?)
    To have someone like batista come back after 5 years away and immediately gain wrestlemania main event status is insulting to guys like Punk and taker who have been at the top for the past few years. Furthermore, the guy is old and has awful cardio, not just in the royal rumble but his mma career to. To have someone like that main event wrestlemania kinda sums up the state of wwe main event today, big well known names that are tired and worn out.
    Cena debuted in 2002 and obtained main event Wrestlemania status in 2006. Punk debuted in WWE in 2008 (not including ECW debut) and, come 6 years later, he still hasn’t main evented a major ppv if Cena or triple H have been present. It’s too soon for Bryan. Lastly, the importance of the title reign. Punk had the belt for a year…that’s it. Nothing of his reign stands out. Furthermore, being champion, he should have had many more main events and been billed as a “great champion” in some form or another, yet the feud between cena and rock was “bigger” in the case of wrestlemania 28. Royal rumble 2013 you say…it was because the rock was present and was expected to win the championship. Nothing to do with Punk. It was to further the rock-cena wrestlemania feud.
    Now, I’m not a cena hater. Over the years I have grown to accept him as a good wrestler and someone who is willing to try and keep fans interested in wwe and for that I think he deserves to main event ppv’s. Bryan has main evented a couple but, as I mentioned, it is too early for Wrestlemania. My problem is wwe uncreative team. To bring back old wrestlers is great but to be terrible at their own job is not so much. They are an awful bunch of bookers and story tellers. They are useless at their job, don’t consider fan reaction too well, awful pre-match buildups, repetetive storylines and blind to the wwe roster. AJ Lee…champion. Really? I thought the bellas or funkadactyls were bigger based on W/L records and amount of tv time. (They fly around a lot, fall in the case of the Bellas, but can’t put on a clinical match or a match with much emotions as in other industries or the past wwe). Tamina snuka…enforcer! Lol. People that blame the divas for the poor matches are kinda stupid…it’s the uncreative team. They push the wrong divas and do the wrong things with the right ones. If Awesome Kong was in wwe still, they would have jobbed her out to naomi or the bella’s in a clean one on one.