Is WWE Annoyed By CM Punk Chants?

By Damian Seeto
People Still Chant CM Punk
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

Even though most WWE employees have been quiet about CM Punk leaving, some people have already expressed frustration with the fans chanting for him.

The biggest and most obvious one was when Seth Rollins spoke to the crowd on Raw. It was during a commercial break, but the footage was still rolling if you were watching the show on the WWE App. Rollins basically said “CM Who?” when the crowd started chanting “CM Punk”. He then said this man’s name is “Dean Ambrose,” as Ambrose was busy wrestling inside the ring against Mark Henry.

I’m not sure what Rollins is thinking inside, but it sounds like he’s annoyed at Punk for leaving the company. I’m pretty sure it was an unscripted segment mainly because he got annoyed the fans were cheering for “CM Punk” instead of concentrating on the match itself. Even at some WWE Live events, The Shield has cut some promos about Punk ditching the company.

The other employees that have been vocal about Punk’s walkout were Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Before Raw went on air, the live feed was leaked where you could hear Cole and Lawler mocking the fans for chanting for Punk. Cole said fans should chant “go away” instead. JBL chimed in and mentioned that the “CM Punk” chants don’t last very long anyway.

It will be interesting to see how the company will react in March when Raw is live in Chicago. They are already annoyed about the fans chanting Punk’s name, but his hometown would be ten times louder. I’m not sure what WWE will do that night, but they better be ready for the fans.

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