TNA Impact's Specialty Matches Are a Refreshing Change

By williambontrager
courtesy of Ken Anderson-TNA Impact FaceBook

Everyone was frustrated on TNA. Dixie Carter was frustrated that MVP didn’t sell his share of the company. Bobby Roode was frustrated that he seemed to have lost out in being the No. 1 contender. Abyss was frustrated that he just discovered he has two gimmicks and doesn’t know which one to go with. Everyone in TNA was tortured on Thursday.

Everyone except the Impact fans. Once again, TNA does more with less to work with. Yes, the way that Bully Ray called Mr. Anderson’s wife and threatened them was strange. Their feud storyline isn’t the best, but after Aces and Eights this is a suitable transition for both of them. It does not matter because the two put on a heck of a match to the bellowing fans in Manchester.

They need to keep up this type of heat because the wrestlers are dropping like flies in the WWE. Having a bloody match between Anderson and Bully Ray, with bodies crashing through tables and coffins in the middle of the ring, is a good way for Spike TV to keep competing with the Disney version of wrestling on the USA Network. EC3 really showed guts with his ladder match as well, taking some painful bumps.

Last week the Monster’s Ball match with Abyss and Eric Young was a refresher from the same old matches. This week it was the two members of the former Aces and Eights doing it. Next week it should be someone else. Each week, a match should be made that offers a violent and creative alternative to what we see on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.This will keep audiences tuned in.

While Raw struggles with which superstar gets to cram themselves in the spotlight, TNA Impact can keep giving us Monster’s Ball matches, or coffin matches or ladder matches. If they keep doing this it will make both networks scrap and claw to give their fans better shows.

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