What Has Alexander Rusev Done To Deserve Big Push?

By williambontrager
courtesy of Alexander Rusev-WWE FaceBook

While TNA scurries to build up their young wrestling talent, WWE is focused on giving more power lifters a huge push. First it was Big E Langston, who they have done nothing with for up to a month, and now they are pushing Alexander Rusev, who comes from NXT, and before that came from some leaning cottage in Bulgaria. Is this guy the real deal? Why is he getting the push in NXT and others are getting ignored?

Traditionally, if a wrestler gets a big fan reaction that is a great indicator he is over and headed for greatness. If he is a heel then the fans will boo louder than ever, straining their vocal chords to scream and leaning over to throw things or dare him to strike them. Some of the best heels were not the best in the ring, but they knew how to get the crowd to hate them. They used basic moves but their charisma got them over.

I guess Alexander Rusev, the Bulgarian beast, is marketed by the WWE as a heel. Yet, when I watch his matches, I am wondering why he is getting over on guys like Sami Zahn, who is an obvious crowd favorite and an incredible talent. I listen to the fans about Rusev, and all I hear is awkward silence when he is in the ring. In other words, he is not creating the type of reaction that brings him in to the Royal Rumble with the greatest. He also doesn’t deserve to win a victory over Dolph Ziggler.

The only thing the crowd seems to be interested in with this guy is his blonde manager berating him at ringside.

So why?

I guess Vince McMahon likes big guys! He can’t resist them. The bigger the better even if the fans don’t seem to agree. Look at the Great Khali? I still can’t believe the guy won a championship. Sometimes I look at him and think that he must be held up by microscopic strings coming from the ceiling. Or maybe there are many midgets in one big Khali suit, I don’t know.

Although Alexander Rusev is more mobile, I have seen nothing of him to be overly impressed with. Supposedly, he trains by kicking trees, lifting rocks and maybe bathing in the Hudson to maintain his scented edge, but the crowd does not like him. He can do all the karate and crane kicks that he wants. They also don’t like to hate him which is a tremendous problem if you are a heel.

So where does the future take a guy like Rusev? He will most likely go to the top. After all, he is a really big guy, and the WWE is severely lacking in that department. Hooray for Alexander Rusev! Keep kicking those tree-trunks!

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