Christian Could Be Leaving WWE Soon

By Damian Seeto
Christian In WWE Talking
Image from Christian – WWE Universe Facebook

Christian may not to be interested in extending his current contract with the WWE. Does this mean he’s going to retire?

Christian came back to the WWE in 2009 in hopes of getting another huge push. During that time, he became the ECW Champion and was also a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. It was speculated that he was also going to be in a big feud against his friend Edge again, but that never happened because Edge was forced to retire early.

Christian had a great series of matches with Randy Orton in 2011, and both men carried the Smackdown brand. It appeared Christian had become a main event player and was here to stay.

Sadly, his momentum was deflated due to multiple injuries. Much like Rey Mysterio recently, Christian has been more injury-prone than ever before. Because of his many injuries, Christian was relegated to the mid-card again. He came back earlier this year though and is in the Elimination Chamber main event.

The fact that Christian has been put in the Elimination Chamber tells me he might be retiring soon. I guess the WWE felt sorry for him and is giving him one last run in the main event scene. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll be a World Champion ever again since there is only one main belt in the company now. I doubt Christian would ever become WWE World Heavyweight Champion with Batista, Randy Orton and John Cena around.

With that being said, Christian will be 41-years old this year, and I doubt the WWE will let him have another long-term main event run like he did in 2011. Unless you’re a huge name like the Rock, Batista or Brock Lesnar, older wrestlers rarely have multiple runs in the main event scene.

It’s being reported that Christian will let his current contract expire whenever it ends. I’m not sure if he’ll be back in TNA, but it is a possibility. The increase in injuries tell me that it’s possible he could retire from professional wrestling altogether very soon though.

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