WWE: Wyatt Family vs. The Shield is the Real Main Event on Sunday

By Dan Marsiglia
The Shield
Courtesy of Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

The elimination chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will no doubt close the show on Sunday. The reasons are obvious: the PPV is its namesake, the gold is on the line and the winner will headline WrestleMania XXX. But is the chamber match itself the true main event on Feb. 23?

The fact is another match involving six men has grabbed the spotlight and the interest of wrestling fans more-so than the chamber; the Wyatt Family vs. the Shield.

This six-man tag team match has everything a fan could want. We have two young teams vying for a top spot in the industry, each trying to one-up the other every step along the way. The outcome on Sunday is very much in question … and important.

Both teams have a lot to prove at Elimination Chamber. Whichever team comes out on top is going to have immense bragging rights and outstanding momentum heading into WrestleMania. It’s really a feud about two great teams trying to prove who is the best.

There’s so many interesting questions surrounding the match. Will the Shield be able to fully coexist? The Shield contend they act as one, and that we should “believe in the Shield.” However, the recent actions of Dean Ambrose have cast a shadow of doubt over the hounds of justice.

The Wyatts, on the other hand are a well-oiled machine. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan may be more than a little crazy, but there’s no doubting their chemistry and togetherness. Will this be enough to catapult the Wyatts to the most important victory of their careers?

On the flip side, the chamber match lacks drama. This is mostly because the outcome isn’t really in question. It’s not so much the fact that Randy Orton is going to win (99 percent chance) but that most people know Orton is going to win. Everything WWE has done on television has pointed to a Dave Batista vs. Orton showdown at WrestleMania XXX for Orton’s heavyweight belt, and there’s still no reason to think differently.

That’s not to say WWE hasn’t done a good job building up the elimination chamber match. Every competitor (except maybe Christian) has been booked strong and put over in the commentary as having a legitimate chance to win. The fans might think differently, but at least WWE is trying.

At the end of the day, the emotion and passion of the fans lies with the Shield and the Wyatts. When the two squads finally meet on Sunday night, there will be no doubt as to what the real main event is.

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