WWE's Road To Wrestlemania Can Be Revived With Creativity

By williambontrager
courtesy of Triple H-WWE FaceBook

If Randy Orton wins in the Elimination Chamber, then the WWE has definitely lost their courage. Batista was introduced on Raw, and he immediately did three things: he stunk up the joint, power-bombed Alberto Del Rio and challenged Orton. The storyline has already been set for these two to clash at WrestleMania, but maybe the WWE got the message.

We don’t care for any Evolution story, and would probably rather see Sin Cara face off against Bob Backlund, or watch Hulk Hogan pluck his nose hairs in the bathroom mirror.

They already messed up with Batista. In an attempt to convince the crowd that he is a face, he is disgruntled with Triple H’s Authority. Yes, Batista, things have certainly changed around here, and one of them is your skills. However, this will not stop the WWE from rolling out their story. It is fresh and prepared from the residue of stinking fish scales and bad ham.

That said, if the WWE does realize that what they have right now is garbage, they can always make Batista what he truly is: a heel.

With Batista as a heel, you can have a cronyism story. What would the tag team champions and the new champion Batista (if he beats Orton at WrestleMania) have in common? They are good buddies with Triple H. They could then let Stephanie McMahon wrestle and win against AJ Lee to get the women’s championship. From there, they can make it even more evident that something is rotten and that it needs to be ended.

Then Vince McMahon could come back and be upset with Triple H and how he is doing things. Behind Vince, who is the ultimate corporate bad guy, CM Punk can be brought back to shock us all. He would again be a heel, a stooge for McMahon, or more like a Stone Cold Steve Austin that has been licensed by McMahon to tear up Triple H’s tiny wrestling universe.

I can’t imagine how great it would be to see Punk with as much freedom to be bad as he was during his Straight Edge Society days.

From there, you would have a war for the company which could take up the whole year. It would consist of one bad guy fighting against another bad guy. Vince McMahon and CM Punk against Triple H and whoever he gets on his team, most likely John Cena and Orton. Daniel Bryan would once again be caught in the middle, but it would be an entertaining middle and it would make him engaging without fans complaining that he is being buried.

At the start of next year, McMahon’s team ends up victorious. His stooge CM Punk is the champion, and for WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan wrestles him and wins the belt — and keeps it for good. What better way to make up for a chaotic road to WrestleMania where we know the direction it is headed before the results? Or, they can just go with the Evolution story and try to count on Batista to keep us interested. Good luck.

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