Does Daniel Bryan Have Any Chance At Elimination Chamber?

By williambontrager
courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

Daniel Bryan is now locked up with Kane. After a great match against the veteran Christian, Kane stripped to his white tee and went to war with him. There are obviously some bad feelings, and the match didn’t end with a traditional pinfall. Kane was so upset that he stretched Bryan’s arms until he screamed.

Now that this match has occurred, the question now remains: does Bryan have any chance of winning in the Elimination Chamber? If you can flashback to an earlier time around a month ago, CM Punk was the man that called out the Big Red Machine. He was the one that encouraged the crowd to taunt Kane over becoming a sellout. Then CM Punk left.

There are a lot of rumors about CM Punk. Is this one big storyline, and is CM Punk is ready to make a surprising entrance? Did he get tired of the fans chanting his name? Was he really an alien who had amnesia all this time, and it took a Roman Reigns superman punch to help him remember who, or what he is? Only one thing is certain, he was upset with the direction on the road to WrestleMania.

Jumping into the awkward silence of the Kane storyline is Bryan. This makes more sense because Bryan and Kane were tag team champions for a time, but this also seems to steer him away from Randy Orton, especially since the Authority doesn’t want to back Orton anymore, or so it seems.

So what will become of Bryan in WrestleMania? He is definitely not going to headline it, but we can look forward to him going against Triple H or Kane. I think CM Punk was really supposed to battle the corporate monster, and then go against the boss, but now it is the goat taking his place. Whatever happens, Bryan’s match will be great. It just isn’t good that we can project the winner of the Chamber and dismiss the most popular wrestler of the past year so easily.

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