WWE Network Launches, Should Change Industry Forever

By Andrew Fisher
WWE Network
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The WWE Network launched on Monday morning February 24th, 2014. With the launch, the TV business has been changed forever.

Leave it to Vince McMahon and company to change the way television programming is presented. You can say a lot of negative things about McMahon, but you can’t knock his ability to see into the future and stay ahead of the game. That’s ultimately what has kept WWE relevant for so long — it’s always evolved with the times.

With the launch of the WWE Network, other companies will have to evaluate how their programming is presented. Because as of now, there’s nothing like the WWE Network:

For the first time in history, fans will be able to follow along with WWE 24/7. They can stay connected with the company anytime they want through virtually any mobile device, computers and gaming systems. The network is loaded with content, both present and past. Long story short — nearly anything that’s ever been associated with WWE is available to fans. They can watch live with the current day product or go way back and relive any moment they want from past Monday Night Raws or PPVs.

Can you see the possibilities this concept will have with other companies?

There are many like the NFL that have their own network, but it’s merely a television network. The WWE Network is a new-age, connect with any device and watch whatever you want, product. There’s simply nothing like it and for that reason, other networks and entertainment companies will follow suit. It’s really only a matter of time before we see the copy cats in action.

It might take some time for this new ‘app network’ concept to take off, but one day there will be a slew of them available to fans of every genre of entertainment. This concept is the future of ‘television’.


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