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5 Great Moments From 2/24 Monday Night Raw

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5 Great Moments From 2/24 Monday Night Raw

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

The WWE and the wrestling version of Pinocchio, Triple H, seems like they have little regard for what the WWE Universe wants lately. Batista was fiercely booed because there are better matches and wrestlers that can be presented. No one is as much a critic as I have been of the WWE lately. They seem like they have the mentality that they are too big to fail, and because of that, they may be surprised when they do.

However, the WWE does have some great talent. I would be remiss to think that everything that has Vince McMahon’s name on it is horrible. Most of the matches that were performed last night on Raw were very entertaining. Despite the fact that WWE does not focus on storylines much anymore and often just throw two wrestlers in the ring, there were memorable moments in the ring.

Since I can’t keep being bitter all of the time, I decided to focus on these bright spots. It allows me to hope that once the hype of WrestleMania ends and guys like Batista and Brock Lesnar go off to MMA/low-budget action movies again, that these will be the things that will keep me watching.

They are spots that will be recognized on a greater scale to the regular wrestling world. Right now with all the confusion in the WWE, CM Punk leaving, the universe turning against the company, and the unfolding of the WWE Network, they are put to the side for now. These are some of the bright aspects of Raw, and a way to look to the future.

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5. Bray Wyatt's Haunting Promos

courtesy of Bray Wyatt-WWE FaceBook

Bray Wyatt’s truthful rant to Cena was solid gold. It reminded me of CM Punk when he unleashed his pipe bomb. Wyatt’s gimmick is haunting and it reminds me of great gimmicks like Mankind and the Undertaker.

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4. Daniel Bryan Will Eventually Dominate

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

Daniel Bryan will get his respect. He is one of the most entertaining wrestlers today. He battled with Kane and is cutting his way to the main boss. It is only a matter of time until he holds gold.

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3. Big E Showing Improvement

courtesy of Big E Langston-WWE FaceBook

Big E Langston is not much on the microphone, but he showed improvement and a willingness to learn. He squared off against Antonio Cesaro and had a great match, trading crude blow after blow.

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2. Sheamus The Brawler

cortesy of Sheamus-WWE FaceBook

Sheamus and Christian wrestled their hearts out. Sheamus is at his best when he gets angry and starts pummeling his adversary. The WWE would be wise to emphasize that this guy enjoys pain.

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1. Dean Ambrose's Gimmick

courtesy of The Sheild-WWE Facebook

The Shield is splitting soon, and Dean Ambrose’s character may become more like the Joker, which will be interesting to see. Nobody can tell me that he didn’t model his gimmick after Heath Ledger.