Bray Wyatt Will Break John Cena's False Bravado

By williambontrager
courtesy of Bray Wyatt-WWE FaceBook

John Cena was a beaten, wounded animal in the ring with the real hounds of the WWE‘s The Wyatt Family.

Now, Wrestle Mania is all set up for the chosen golden boy of the WWE to go up against the phantom patriarch, Bray Wyatt. The only thing I want to see out of this feud is the buzzards following Cena to the emergency room.

As usual, Raw had Cena in the ring spouting tough and boastful words. He said that if any WWE superstar wants to be the future, then they have to go through him. How nice of Cena to say that! After all, he hasn’t had enough attention lately. He has only won the Royal Rumble four times, been a 13-time champion, won three times at the Elimination Chamber, and was immediately handed a belt on his early return. That isn’t enough glory whatsoever, if you pick up the sarcasm.

Cena should have had to take a step back for at least a year. Instead of Wyatt’s dark character going up against the Undertaker, or something equally as cool, we get to see Cena humiliate Wyatt at Wrestle Mania. Can you imagine Cena not winning against him? No, I can’t either.

On Raw, the typical Cena story unfolded. Cena was once again hauled away with a fake injury. Now, he will nurse the fact that he is an underdog. The Wyatts will assault Cena until it is time to take the main stage and stack the odds against him. Then, Cena will beat Wyatt overcoming insurmountable challenges. It is as simple as that.

The only thing that makes this exciting is Wyatt’s more than scathing commentary against Cena. He will tell the truth and laugh off Cena’s attempts to play the brave and noble soldier. Wyatt will see that Cena is really a selfish man and a panderer. He cannot protect himself or the WWE Universe. Wyatt has the promo skills to convince the audience of this very real fact. I am looking forward to this more than the match itself.

In the ring, Cena may win at the end, but out of the ring, Cena will lose to the hypnotic cult leader. This is what will keep me watching this development for the next four weeks, as it certainly won’t be Cena.

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