WWE Rumors: CM Punk To Return at Chicago Raw, Main-Event Wrestlemania 30?

By Andrew Fisher
CM Punk
Getty Images

The Wrestlemania 30 card is becoming more and more clear with each passing day. Much was revealed on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, which also happened to be a historic day for WWE. However, by the end of the night, the air had been taken out of many fans’ sails.

It appears that WWE is moving forward with the original rumored plans we’ve heard for weeks now: Batista and Randy Orton will main-event WM30, while Daniel Bryan will face Triple H. You can sum those two matches up with one word — boo. That’s just not what the fans want to see.

Where’s the payoff? Bryan defeats Triple H and gets revenge on The Authority, while Orton and Batista duke it out in a match that will get nothing but boos. Fans already know the outcome of Bryan/HHH, and they don’t care about the outcome of Orton/Batista. Where’s the payoff?

It’s possible that there is no payoff. This could be the plan and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. WWE could be putting all its eggs in the WWE Network basket. When they get your subscription for six months, they basically get the money they would have gotten from fans purchasing the WM PPV. Network subscriptions could now be the primary focus of the company.

But if there is a payoff, that payoff could be CM Punk. The stage is set for someone to come in and save the day. Fans desperately want someone else to enter the WWE title match, and if it’s not going to be Bryan, Punk would be the next best choice. The time for his return couldn’t be any more perfect. Raw is set to take place from his hometown of Chicago this upcoming Monday and if he appears, he’s going to set the wrestling world on fire.

It’s a long shot, but I’m still holding out hope that there’s more to the WM 30 story. If WWE moves forward with what it presented on this past Raw, fans are simply going to be unhappy. I don’t know how that’s best for business.


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