WWE Should Stop Using Former Stars As Walking Billboards

By williambontrager
courtesy of Hulk Hogan-WWE FaceBook

Here is an idea, let’s get Hulk Hogan to help out because we have not been responsible with booking and stories. The main wrestlers that are helping our product should get to warm the back seat so an aging and pathetic movie star can fight a boring and predictable one. Raw concluded and left fans hurting, as usual.

The WWE is a colossal monster and needs to be split up or something. They have too many wrestlers and former stars, and they all cannot resist the temptation in the wilderness and tell the WWE no. Hogan stood in the center of the ring in his hometown, and he fired up his Hulkamaniacs by being a big red and yellow endorsement for the WWE Network.

He came out and he grunted “Brother” a few times, and then he exited for the night. On his way out, Vince McMahon patted him on the behind and probably gave him an extra hundred.

Is this any way to use the legendary Hogan? They might as well have held him up with two by fours and waved him around throughout the duration of the matches.

Now, I know that the man behind the California shades cannot wrestle any longer; I am aware that Hogan is 157 old. But isn’t there some other entertaining way to use him then as an endorsement? How many times can the WWE get away with such laziness or lack of respect?

Not only was Hogan a snore. The great Ric Flair sat there like a blushing wrinkled vegetable and cheered for Daniel Bryan. This guy is the king of heels, and all he has to say is yes? Get these old dudes involved a little more please. They are the best in the business at entertaining us, and have been doing it for years.

The WWE thinks that they can just name drop and their fans are going to flock to the television set. Right now, they are getting away with it, but fans are going to start seeking Indies wrestling, especially when they treat their former stars like they are cheerleaders for their stale product.

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