WWE Universe Should Be Excited For Wrestlemania 30, Even If Daniel Bryan Isn’t On The Card

Picture Via WWE Official Facebook Page

The WWE Universe took part in one of the most historic nights in sports entertainment history on Monday February 24, 2014. Not only did the day mark the launch of the WWE Network, but it was also the night when Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker made their return to the WWE programming on Monday Night Raw.

For most of us, the night will be remembered for all the great action and the launch of the revolutionary network. For others, there is still a bit of resentment in the air after learning that Daniel Bryan will face Triple H at Wrestlemania 30, instead of being included in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship mix.

Personally, I am happy that Bryan will be not be involved in the title mix. The WWE has done a great job at handling the CM Punk situation after the straight edge wrestler walked out on the company. The WWE made sure they had more than enough options to keep the majority of the fans pleased. John Cena appeared to injure his knee on Raw during an altercation with the Wyatt Family, so we will have to wait and see how that plays into the company’s WM30 plans.

Now that we have a more clear view on how Wrestlemania will play out, I think fans should be happy. I hope that those bitter Bryan fans will not continue at their failed attempts to ruin WWE television. By now, you would figure that they finally got the message: there is no way they were ever going to force Bryan into the spotlight.

Ultimately, the WWE decided that they would just go ahead with their plans, regardless of what the fans thought. That move seems to be the right one because even with Punk down, we seem to be headed into another historic Wrestlemania event. The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar will be a great match. Fans are questioning the WWE’s decision to put Batista in the main event against Randy Orton, but I believe it will be another great match when it is all over.

Angry fans will continue to voice their displeasure, but in the end, I have full faith that the WWE will deliver on the biggest night of the year for pro wrestling fans worldwide.

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  • Piffin the Smart Pen

    Hey douchebag you work for authority or something?Most of your articles are biased and trolling.how can anyone take you seriously?

    • Farva55

      You do know wrestling is…fake right? Kind of like Santa Clause? Hilarious.

      • Piffin the Smart Pen

        Brian Anderson?

  • Nate Brown

    Um…how about no.

    • Farva55

      Good thing you don’t run the company- wwe is doing a great job keeping everyone in tuned to see what Daniel Bryan gets to do next. Grow up

  • Piffin the Smart Pen

    Daniel is one of the most popular wrestler of this generation.The fans do not want randy orton vs batista.Deal With it.

  • Trestran

    This article is horrible. It seems like it was written by a 14 year old who doesn’t know how to support their arguments. It isn’t about having a differing opinion but more so that the article gives no support for it’s statements. Tell us why would Batista vs. Ortan be a good match? Dont just say it will be. Batista’s performances lately indicate that it won’t be.

    Why would the wwe universe be excited if daniel bryan wasnt on the card?

    This article does nothing to support these statements, does the author get paid to write this?

  • GreatBanana

    Brian you are a sad sad man, all you do is belittle Daniel Bryan. You have nothing better to do than to bash him.