WWE Better Prepare For Rowdy Fans For Raw In Chicago

By Damian Seeto
Raw In Chicago
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

Fans attending Raw in Chicago next week are likely to be loud. WWE better prepare for the many chants that they will do throughout the whole night.

Chicago wrestling fans are the loudest and most opinionated crowds in wrestling today. Apart from European wrestling crowds, people in Chicago are usually the most vocal when it comes to shows in the USA. With CM Punk leaving the company unexpectedly, we are sure to hear a lot of “CM Punk” chants throughout the entire night. We might even hear some other derogatory chants too if the fans are that angry.

WWE has chosen not to comment on Punk whatsoever. Nobody really knows the real reason why he left and WWE has pretty much ignored him altogether. Fans are no longer able to bring in signs that have his name on them and they have edited videos removing any footage of Punk. The only person that has mentioned Punk was Vince McMahon, who described him as having a “sabbatical.”

Wrestling fans are a passionate bunch and they don’t usually like getting lied to. Canadian fans gave WWE a lot of hate ever since McMahon screwed Bret Hart in Montreal back in 1997. The crowds in Montreal didn’t stop hating on McMahon and company until Hart himself buried the hatchet.

I still think the best way to rest this whole situation is for Punk to make a special appearance one day to announce his official retirement from professional wrestling. That way, everyone gets a some sort of a resolution. Right now, things are sketchy and will remain that way until either WWE or Punk speak up.

I’m very sure the Chicago crowd on Raw will voice their opinions loudly if the likes of Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton or Triple H come out to the ring.

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