WWE: Cesaro's Career Rests On Daniel Bryan

By David Ridderhoff
Cesaro, Roman Reigns, WWE Universe
Photo Courtesy of “Antonio Cesaro – WWE Universe” Facebook Page

When heel tag teams and stables begin to overstay their welcome in the WWE, the fans start to pick one member as their favorite. In the days of Evolution, Batista became that guy, leading to a face turn and a lengthy world championship reign. The Shield is going through this currently, as we all eagerly await Roman Reigns spearing Dean Ambrose and taking the next step in his career.

But another wrestler who is growing on fans is Cesaro. While Jack Swagger, the other half of the Real Americans, isn’t exactly well-liked, Cesaro’s in-ring ability has made him a likable guy regardless of his heel-face status. That said, there are two reasons why his career will be impacted by Daniel Bryan‘s success more than Reigns’: his independent circuit days and his lack of family in the business.

No true fan of the WWE thinks that Cesaro and Reigns will not eventually both be world champions. The two are way too talented and exciting in the ring to not have at least one reign as champion. But Reigns at this point is guaranteed a good career, if not great. Not only is he from the WWE developmental system, but his family will push him to the top.

Cesaro has neither of these going for him, which is the same situation Bryan is currently in. He worked his way not only to the WWE, but also into the main event picture. If the WWE creative team never puts him over and doesn’t let him become champion for a long time, there’s no reason to think Cesaro ever can.

Traditionally, the WWE favors people who they develop. Wade Barrett was given many championship matches as soon as he hit the main roster after years spent in the developmental system. Reigns has never wrestled in another company, getting into WWE thanks in part to being a member of the Anoa’i family.

Cesaro may be better known still for his time as Claudio Castagnoli in Ring of Honor. This doesn’t bode well for him, as it seems that every big-name indy star eventually gets thrown under the bus for a homegrown talent.

The WWE also favors people who have family ties to the company. When Cody Rhodes first made the main roster, he was not good. He has gotten much better and is another guy who should be world champion someday, but he started off as a poor in-ring performer with no gimmick.

The company decided to work on him and he is now considered one of the bright young stars of the company. With that being said, Reigns has the family to keep him in the company regardless of his performance, Cesaro doesn’t. That said, if Bryan can become a world champion and succeed in the company, then Cesaro can too.

But if Bryan doesn’t get his push, Cesaro has no chance of being the star that he can be.

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