WWE: Steve Austin Discusses Hulk Hogan, The Streak And CM Punk

By Chris Olmstead
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WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently sat down with Jim Ross for a two-part podcast interview. Ross and Austin covered a variety of wrestling and non-wrestling related topics. A few of the more interesting things covered were Hulk Hogan, Undertaker’s streak and Austin’s prediction on what will happen with CM Punk.

In regards to Undertaker and the streak, Austin was quite clear in saying that he feels the streak should never come to an end.

The streak is certainly a big part of WrestleMania ever since its been considered a streak. I don’t want to see 21-1 and I don’t want to see it be broken … To put [John Cena and the Undertaker] in a ring together, I’d have to see Undertaker get his hand raised. Cena is bulletproof and he would be elevated to another level, if that’s even possible. But in the end I don’t ever want to see the streak end.

The topic of Hogan came when JR asked why Austin and Hogan never hooked up in the ring. Austin had the following to say about where his head was when Hogan was in the company with him.

… the word on the street was that he wasn’t going to do anyone any favors, so I wasn’t going to work with someone that wasn’t going to do any favors. He was open to having a match but me not so much. I thought the styles would clash. I won’t do a high profile match just to get a payout. I won’t do the match if I am not going to enjoy it. I think me, I could go but I think Hogan would have been a step or two behind. I say that with all due respect to Hogan.

One of the final things that Austin touched on was CM Punk. Austin and JR discussed how it is to be burnt out and what it is that Punk is going through. Austin then made an official prediction in regards to what he thinks is going to happen with WWE and Punk.

I think what will happen and here is my prediction. It started off as a shoot and it will turn into a work. CM punk will reappear at WrestleMania XXX, mark my words.

It’s interesting that Austin feels so strongly about the Punk situation. Then again, keep in mind that he experienced and went through some very similar things in his career. It’s also interesting that he felt that Hogan wouldn’t be able to hang in the ring with him. Bear in mind that Hogan and the Rock stole the show at WrestleMania X8.

The entire interview between JR and Austin can be heard on the latest edition of the Ross report.

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