Is WWE Network Right to 'Censor' Chris Benoit's Matches?

By David Ridderhoff
Chris Benoit Royal Rumble
Photo Courtesy of WWE Network’s Official Facebook page

The WWE did not censor Chris Benoit on the WWE Network. But they made a point to not put emphasis on Benoit’s performances.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see, due to not watching matches with Benoit in them or not having the Network yet, Benoit’s matches are on the Network. Just the other day, I re-lived his epic victory over Triple H and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XX. Instead of leaving the match out, they just leave out the important moments on the progress bar.

For those who don’t have the Network, every PPV has marks for where important moments are. Usually these are just the beginnings and ends of each match. While almost every major event has these marks, that triple-threat match does not. If you only looked at the progress bar, it would appear that the final 30-plus minutes of the event had no wrestling.

This isn’t just for that match either. Another WrestleManiaWrestleMania 23, has the exact same deal for Benoit’s United States Championship match against MVP. While the main-event matches all have their important events noted, Benoit’s has nothing.

This is probably the best way WWE could attempt to rid it’s history of Benoit without upsetting a large portion of their fanbase. Many fans, regardless of the sad situation involving Benoit, remember many of his amazing and entertaining matches. He had a large following during his career, and many of those fans still want to remember Benoit for his in-ring ability, and not his out-of-ring problems. It was nice to see the WWE let his moments stay while also making sure not to celebrate him.

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