NXT’s Arrival Event Failed Next To TNA Impact


courtesy of Adrian Neville-NXT FaceBook

If anyone caught the opening match in NXT Arrival, they are very fortunate. Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn battled to the end and expended a great amount of effort to put on a good match. It is unfortunate that the rest of the program was not as good, or even as decent as what was going on in TNA Impact.

Triple H came out and wanted to boast as usual. He proclaimed, as any dictator does, that the wave of the future of wrestling started with the NXT event. It is the first event that aired on the WWE Network, and so the WWE threw out all of their former stars to get it going. Fans also saw a great light show, Stephanie McMahon rallying her Divas in the spirit of fervent feminism, and complete technical chaos on the network.

I watched both TNA Impact and this event and, it is easy for me to say that other than the first match, TNA topped the WWE on Thursday night. They will not get the credit, but it is true. Look at NXT’s card. Is the future of WWE Alexander Rusev? He interfered with the match between Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods and nobody really even cared. The crowd doesn’t care about him, so why is he being pushed?

Then the Ascension showed up and defeated a wrinkled Scotty Too Hotty and a giddy Brian Christopher. Is Jerry Lawler’s little boy so hard up for cash that they had to throw him in a wrestling event geared to showcase the future of wrestling? Is the worm the future of wrestling? The Ascension are not that stunning either, and do not represent the next wave in my opinion. They look like Undertaker’s nerdy little brothers, that don’t impress in the ring.

The whole event did not do its job, and the WWE is a sinking ship. Bo Dallas lost his belt after an anticlimactic ending. Adrian Neville, the man that gravity forgot, now holds the gold. There is no disputing that he is a great talent in the ring, but he will be boring with his promos unless he finds himself a manager.

TNA Impact topped this event, giving us Magnus, who is getting better as a main heel, EC3 who is becoming more entertaining each week, and Kurt Angle‘s induction in the Hall of Fame. It was by far a better show overall.

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  • Chad Smith

    You’re out of your mind. Arrival was friggin great…

    • William Bontrager

      I disagree, but thanks.

  • Theo Kabala

    you’re talking some utter bs with this one, cesaro vs zayn alone was better than what tna offered up.

    • William Bontrager

      Most writers don’t care enough to respond back. Thanks for the feedback. I said that Cesaro and Zayn were good. However I can’t get behind some of their other talent they decided to showcase.

  • DucksFan87

    that was a good laugh….lol nxt was far superior. zayn vs. cesaro – paige vs. emma were amazing… having the main event as far from zayn and cesaro made me appreciate the main event much more, and the unannounced matches delivered for what they were. too cool were on the show to highlight the network.. I believe they even stated you can go back and watch all of too cool’s matches on the wwe network. There were literally no 10 minute monologues and the video packages they had were a minute and a half or less..it was a straight two hour wrestling show..not a dramatic 2 hour soap opera with unnecessary segments. and yes I watched both. the above blog post screams insecure tna fan.

    • William Bontrager

      Too Cool matches? Is that what the future of wrestling is? The women’s matches are always a snooze, on WWE, and NXT, and TNA. Did you enjoy watching Rusev? I usually like NXT talent, but they didn’t use it last night.
      if you don’t like soap opera drama then stop watching wrestling altogether. That is professional wrestling. The stories and athleticism have to go together, or you should just watch MMA.
      Thanks for reading.

  • disqus_nvLePZL3oN

    The only thing i saw in NXT was highly decorated ring ……stupid matches exect some.But overall after a good start NXT got boring in the middle only divas match was impressive.Note a fact TNA impact rating is 0.94 and NXT rating is 1.24.Dont be impressed because last year was it same story.With the debut of wwe main event on premire rating over 1. later they got droped to 0.8 or 0.7on the other hand tna has maintained rat
    ing of 1.0 since 3 years.well indeed this year was 0.96.well lets see how nxt effects impact

    • William Bontrager

      For me, TNA tries harder to please their fan base and they can’t afford to get complacent. People love to hate on them though. Thanks for reading.

  • Jack Danielson

    Change the title of this humorous blog post to ‘NXT Arrival Failed to Impress TNA Fan’
    Cesaro vs Zayn, Emma vs Paige and Bo Dallas vs Adrian Neville in a ladder match certainly ‘did the job’, at least for me. Sure, Too Cool challening NXT’s tag champs was pointless, about as pointless as having the Wolves losing their match to the…BroMans? Nobody cares about Xavier Woods or Tyler Breeze, just like how nobody gives a shit about Sam Shaw stalking a TNA ring announcer. What does a creepy stalker have to do with pro wrestling anyway? Oh, right, TNA could use more Soap Opera Drama. I guess Willow is more of ‘the the future of wrestling’ compared to the entirety of NXT, right? Kurt Angle’s nonsensical hall of fame storyline was all to set up a match against EC3? EC3 is good, too bad their cage match is going to be nothing but a glorified squash with Kurt hitting an obligatory Moonsault off the top of the cage. Oh, and Aries turned heel. Again.
    TNA Impact failed to impress or entertain me. It started off hot with Joe and Magnus then it became a dull mess that dragged on and on.
    NXT Arrival was a far better show.

  • Alex

    I thought ArRival was real good but I don’t watch TNA so I cant compare it. Just gonna take your word for it though.

  • Brandon Roberts

    iv’e seen parts of arrival and it was awesome especially paige vs. emma fantastic