NXT's Arrival Event Failed Next To TNA Impact

By williambontrager
courtesy of Adrian Neville-NXT FaceBook

If anyone caught the opening match in NXT Arrival, they are very fortunate. Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn battled to the end and expended a great amount of effort to put on a good match. It is unfortunate that the rest of the program was not as good, or even as decent as what was going on in TNA Impact.

Triple H came out and wanted to boast as usual. He proclaimed, as any dictator does, that the wave of the future of wrestling started with the NXT event. It is the first event that aired on the WWE Network, and so the WWE threw out all of their former stars to get it going. Fans also saw a great light show, Stephanie McMahon rallying her Divas in the spirit of fervent feminism, and complete technical chaos on the network.

I watched both TNA Impact and this event and, it is easy for me to say that other than the first match, TNA topped the WWE on Thursday night. They will not get the credit, but it is true. Look at NXT’s card. Is the future of WWE Alexander Rusev? He interfered with the match between Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods and nobody really even cared. The crowd doesn’t care about him, so why is he being pushed?

Then the Ascension showed up and defeated a wrinkled Scotty Too Hotty and a giddy Brian Christopher. Is Jerry Lawler’s little boy so hard up for cash that they had to throw him in a wrestling event geared to showcase the future of wrestling? Is the worm the future of wrestling? The Ascension are not that stunning either, and do not represent the next wave in my opinion. They look like Undertaker’s nerdy little brothers, that don’t impress in the ring.

The whole event did not do its job, and the WWE is a sinking ship. Bo Dallas lost his belt after an anticlimactic ending. Adrian Neville, the man that gravity forgot, now holds the gold. There is no disputing that he is a great talent in the ring, but he will be boring with his promos unless he finds himself a manager.

TNA Impact topped this event, giving us Magnus, who is getting better as a main heel, EC3 who is becoming more entertaining each week, and Kurt Angle‘s induction in the Hall of Fame. It was by far a better show overall.

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