WWE Is Still Wasting Money On Making Cheap Films

By Damian Seeto
The Miz F Grade Actor And Wrestler
Image from The Miz – WWE Universe Facebook

The production company WWE Studios have barely made a profit, yet they continue to make cheap movies every year. Three new movies have already been announced and they sound terrible.

Vince McMahon has always seen himself as an entertainment promoter as he used his millions of dollars to branch out to new things. As smart as he is, he’s had many failures along the way. His bodybuilding federation failed in the ’90s and the horrid XFL football league died only lasting one season. One thing that has continued though is WWE Studios.

WWE Studios started over 10 years ago, yet has only made a few movies that have actually made a healthy profit. Out of the dozens of movies they made, only See No Evil, The Marine and The Call have made a decent amount of money. Every other movie was either a flop at the box office or just released straight to DVD. Despite the lack in growth, new cheap movies continue to get made.

Three new films have already been announced, and all of them will be direct-to-DVD. The first announcement was The Marine 4 starring The Miz and Summer Rae. I don’t like Miz in the wrestling ring, so there’s no chance I’d want to see him in a movie. Miz will star in another movie called “Queens of the Ring“. This will be a romantic comedy that also stars former WWE diva Eve Torres.

The third film that has been announced was Jingle All the Way 2. The famous Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy is finally getting a sequel 18 years after the original one came out in 1996. Sadly, Schwarzenegger won’t be in the sequel as this one will star Larry the Cable Guy and Santino Marella instead.

I think WWE should invest more money elsewhere such as providing new content for the WWE Network or something. I doubt anyone will be interested in these movies. Not to mention they star F grade wrestlers like Marella and Miz. If WWE were to make decent films, I would love to see someone like Undertaker or Chris Jericho star in their own movies.

Even Batista and The Rock don’t star in WWE produced films. They have managed to get roles from bigger and better movie studios that make films are actually shown in cinemas.

WWE should save money and invest in something more useful. What they should really do is find a way to increase TV ratings and look towards the future. Making cheap movies starring useless people like Miz and Marella is not “best for business.

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