Armchair WWE Creative Members: Stop The Hypotheticals

By David Ridderhoff
WrestleMania XXX, WWE Creative, WWE Universe
Photo Courtesy of “Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe” Facebook Page

The internet is such a wonderful way to connect with other pro wrestling fans, but it has proven to be a problem recently. A large portion of the WWE Universe have gone into WWE Creative mode and begun to give their best hypothetical storylines for WrestleMania XXX. But at this point, it’s become overkill and extremely annoying.

Most of us are unhappy with the direction of the WWE, but to see new storylines from every fan every day is somewhat ridiculous. As much as the internet wants Daniel Bryan to be in the main event of WrestleMania, that doesn’t mean it will happen. Seeing hundreds of hypothetical scenarios that involve Bryan defeating opponents to get into the main event and winning is now tiresome. At first it was fun to think of the possibilities, but now it’s just plain boring.

These situations aren’t just involving Bryan. The Bad News Barret ideas are just as annoying. Yes, it would be hilarious if CM Punk‘s music hit tomorrow night in Chicago, only for Barrett’s podium to rise up. However, you are not the first person to think of that.

Not even teams like The Shield or The Brotherhood have escaped the storylines, all of these showing how the teams should split. For those of you thinking you just came up with the best way to break up The Shield, someone else has already said they should split and fight for the United States Championship at WrestleMania.

Yes, it’s fun to try and come up with ideas for the WWE Creative team to use, but as an internet user and avid WWE follower, let’s stop combining the two. If you really want to make your own story lines, WWE 2k14 has a Universe Mode for a reason.

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