Will CM Punk Return On March 3?

By Joshua Molina
Photo courtesy CM Punk WWE Universe Facebook Page

CM Punk walked away from the WWE in January. Punk was apparently disgruntled with the direction of the WWE and a potential WrestleMania matchup with Triple H.

On Monday Night Raw, the WWE returns to Chicago, CM Punk’s hometown; it’s the perfect time for Punk to return.

The WWE just isn’t the same without Punk, as he brought a sense of realism to the shows. One of the biggest challenges facing the WWE is its over-scripted television product. Punk, however, made you think that wrestling was real. His matches were stiff, his microphone work convincing, and his athleticism among the best on the roster.

Most of the WWE audience was confused about Punk’s departure. Was it real? Was it part of the storyline? The WWE might have worked with Punk to go away to set the stage for a surprising return on March 3, leading up to a match at WrestleMania. But if Punk returns, who would he face? Could he return to wrestle  The Ultimate Warrior? Will the main event of Randy Orton vs. Dave Batista be turned into  a triple-threat?

No one knows what the future stores for Punk, but most fans recognize that he is a key wrestler on the WWE roster. He’s among the most popular, and he’s definitely a draw on house shows.

The WWE simply is not the same without Punk, and it needs him even more since it seems to be ignoring the fans when it comes to Daniel Bryan. The crowd in Chicago on Monday will likely cheer for Punk, and it would be a perfect time to bring him to a huge roar of the crowd.

Punk has not been formally released for working out on his contract, so there may be hope.

Punk is regarded as “The Best in the World,” and he belongs in the WWE.

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