WWE: CM Punk's Possible Return Raises Serious Questions Surrounding Wrestlemania 30

By Brian Anderson
Picture Via CM Punk’s Official Facebook Page

After walking out on the WWE early in February, CM Punk has remained out of the spotlight while pondering his future as a wrestler for the biggest company in the business. For most, his badly-timed departure came out of nowhere. For some, they figured it was just a matter of time before he left after displaying his displeasure with WWE programming on numerous occasions over the past year.

Punk has been the poster child for controversy since his arrival in the WWE. No one can ever forget his infamous “pipe-bomb” — another move fueled by issues between Punk and company officials headed into Money in the Bank of 2011. Punk ultimately came out on top of the situation as he defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship that night.

Now, we are headed into Wrestlemania 30 with a very familiar feeling in the air. The WWE Universe obviously wants Punk to return in time enough to participate in the biggest event of the year. Without Punk, the wheels on the WWE would continue roll. Still, Vince McMahon has made it clear that he would very much rather have Punk back in the mix. He has claimed to have kept in contact with the straight-edged superstar since he walked out.

McMahon’s attempt to lure Punk back into the WWE may have paid off. Recent reports are saying that Punk will indeed make his return during Raw tonight in his hometown of Chicago. WWE officials are in a race against time to get Punk back as soon as possible. If he does not return in Chicago, then the WWE knows they will be in for tough night as fans are ready to voice their displeasure by “hijacking” the show to support their hometown hero if they have to.

If Punk does indeed show, the WWE will have to make some changes to their Wrestlemania XXX plans. Punk was initially slated to compete against Triple H at the event, but Daniel Bryan has replaced Punk. Still, it should not be too hard for them to find a comfortable spot on the card for Punk.

With Punk being so upset with the way things were going prior to walking out, you would figure that the company might have to give him whatever it is he wants to get him back in the ring soon. Punk may have put himself in position to headline Wrestlemania in a triple-threat match against Batista and Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but we will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

With most of the big matches already set, finding the perfect match for Punk may be tricky. He was in the middle of a feud with Kane prior to leaving the company, so let us hope that the company does not have plans to have the two work a match together at WM30. Punk deserves better, and I believe he will get what he deserves — a big match against a big name.

If I were Vince or Hunter, I would scrap the Bryan vs. HHH match and work a feud between Bryan and Punk, leading to a showdown between the two beloved wrestlers in April. How could the WWE work such a big match between the two stars? Simple: have Punk return as a heel, blaming the fans and Bryan for his brief stint away from the ring.

Regardless of how it all plays out, we will all be more than pleased to have Punk back in the WWE, just in time for the biggest pay-per-view of the year — Wrestlemania 30.

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