WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan to Have Two Matches at Wrestlemania 30?

By Andrew Fisher
Daniel Bryan
Getty Images

We’re now just a few short weeks away from Wrestlemania 30. Following the conclusion of the Elimination Chamber and a historic edition of Monday Night Raw, fans now have a much better idea of what to expect on the WM card. The rumored matches we’ve heard about for weeks now, are all basically set in stone. But of course with anything in life, there are always exceptions.

Daniel Bryan issued a challenge to Triple H on Raw, much to the chagrin of most fans. A match between the two would no doubt be great from bell-to-bell, but fans don’t really want to see Bryan in any bout other than the title bout. A spot in the WWE title match is in theory still open, as it now features two heels against each other. That’s certainly no way to end a Wrestlemania (especially when we know that fans are going to hijack the match).

But what if Bryan entered the WWE title match? What if he pulled double duty and wrestled twice on WWE’s biggest night? Not only is it possible, it also makes sense from a booking perspective as well.

If CM Punk doesn’t return on the Chicago 3-3 edition of Raw, then all my money is on Bryan entering the title match. The way to book it is simple – if Bryan beats HHH, then he earns himself a spot in the main event. It’s an easy way to give the people what they want, while dramatically improving the quality of the WM card.

Does Bryan have to win the belt at ‘Mania? No. Does he NEED to be in the main event if Punk is not? YES! YES! YES!

We’ll all know a lot more following the conclusion of the 3-3 Raw. If Punk doesn’t come back, look for Daniel Bryan to pull double duty on the night of April 6th.


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