Former WCW Wrestler Buff Bagwell is Now a Male Escort

By Andrew Fisher
Buff Bagwell
Getty Images

“I’m buff, and I’m the stuff.” 

If you were a fan of wrestling in the late 1990’s, you definitely remember that catch phrase. It belonged to Buff Bagwell, former member of the NWO. It’s been awhile since Bagwell was in the news, but now he’s made a triumphant return to the headlines. Bagwell is now a male escort. That’s right, women can now purchase ‘The Stuff’ for a night, or even an entire week.

This is 100 percent real life. Bagwell was recently featured on the Showtime program Gigolos and he’s apparently listed on the website His rates are pretty steep. Two hours with The Stuff will cost you $800, while an entire week would cost a staggering $25,000.

Is this really all that surprising? I don’t think so. Looking back, Bagwell had gigolo written all over him. Pro wrestlers often times have limited choices once their in-ring days are up, so considering some of the alternatives, this really isn’t a terrible gig for the former NWO member.

Bagwell was never a main event player back in his day. His act was based more on his physique than anything else. He was a mid-card talent at best, but he still made a decent addition to the NWO. Even though he wasn’t the greatest in the ring, fans still were intrigued by him. In the pro rasslin’ business, that’s really all that matters. In the male escort business, I suppose that counts for something too.


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