WWE: Hijack Raw was Successful Despite Main Event

By David Ridderhoff
Chicago Raw, Monday Night Raw, Hijack Raw
Photo Courtesy of “Triple H – WWE Universe” Facebook Page

Last night, I took in my first live WWE event. I read up all about Hijack Raw to know exactly what to expect from the crowd. While the main event didn’t exactly go as we all hoped it would, the fans at Allstate Arena really did steal the show, which was most important.

The WWE Universe expected so much from the fans that it would have been almost impossible to live up to expectations, but all in all, the crowd did have some great moments. A lot of internet fans have gone to blaming the fans for the end results, which is just silly. The WWE had this script made so far in advance that “blaming” the fans for the end result is just plain stupid.

A loud crowd wasn’t enough for those at home who wanted to see some of the hijack movements put in place. To ask anyone to turn their back on a WWE event is just unreasonable. Personally, my tickets were just under $100, about 15 rows from the ring. If you told me to turn my back, I would have told you to leave me alone.

Plus, nobody had to prove to the WWE that CM Punk was a main event superstar; if the WWE didn’t think that he was, he wouldn’t have the longest WWE title reign of the past 25 years, which Paul Heyman pointed out at the beginning of the show. From the crowd, we succeeded. We couldn’t hear Stephanie McMahon talk, booed Batista out of the arena, and gave the people that deserved big pops huge ones.

While the crowd may not have changed the landscape of the WWE, Chicago was as loud as possible and was a great crowd. The next time the WWE returns for Payback, it will be loud again, regardless of the landscape of the WWE.

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