CM Punk To Appear On The Talking Dead

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk To Appear On Talk Show
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebbok

It has been announced that CM Punk will appear in AMC’s The Talking Dead live show. Will he bring up his current hiatus?

Punk appeared on the show last year, as has Chris Jericho. The Talking Dead is basically a talk show where they talk about the recent episode of The Walking Dead. Punk is a huge fan of the show and was even slightly annoyed last year when the WWE didn’t promote his appearance on the show.

It will be interesting to see Punk appearing now since his walkout from the WWE. The show’s host Chris Hardwick just referred Punk as a “Superfan” and said his real name of Phil Brooks. He mentioned he’s also known as “CM Punk” just in case fans didn’t know of his real name.

The Talking Dead is a live show and anything can happen. Sure, the main topic is about The Walking Dead TV show, but someone is bound to bring up Punk’s situation. I wonder how the WWE is reacting to his appearance on the show because technically, he’s still an employee of the company since his contract does not expire until July. They’ve pulled him put out of all other public appearance such as Wizard World and Fan Axxess just to name a few. Something tells me he booked this appearance for himself.

Maybe Punk will just be there as a “fan” and the topic of wrestling will never be brought up. It’s a risky move on Punk’s part if he doesn’t want to talk about this recent ordeal. Stone Cold Steve Austin kept his life completely private when he quit WWE in a similar fashion in 2002. Still, I’m sure fans of both wrestling and The Walking Dead will be glued to their TV screens next Sunday just to see Punk again.

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